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trading bows


PMA Member
If you had to give up your preferred bow brand (mathews, hoyt.. ) What would be the 1st brand you would go look at ? Now I know even you die hard hoyt and mathews fans have thought about trying a diffent bow but have been to afraid because of all the grief your archery buddies would give . Kind of like all you Chevy truck fans really deep down wishing you had a Ford or maybe you Cub fans are closet cardinal fans My self I shoot a mathews but I just recently jumped the fence and bougth a pearson


UL Shelter/Stove Geek
I was a HARDCORE Hoyt guy for years. I bought a 2006 Bowtech Tribute for a backup bow and then I shot the 2007 Bowtech Guardian; traded the Hoyt Vectrix for one and never looked back. Bowtech has it going on and is the leader in bow technology IMO. I am not afraid to spend $$ on the best products for my #1 hobby, which is hunting. I own the two best bows I have ever shot to this date.


A Few Steps Ahead Of You
i guess if you held a pistol to my temple, id trade my Mathews for a Ross......
Nah.....Just pull the trigger


PMA Member
I used to shoot a Mathews Conquest. Then went to a Hoyt Ultratec. Now I own a Bowtech Guardian. I definately feel it was an upgrade. I am also glad I went from a 70# bow down to a 60# bow (actually 62#) because I can shoot and hold the bow all day without fatigue. I was shooting a 375 grain arrow 275 fps with the 70# Hoyt and now shoot a 350 grain arrow with the 62# Guardian at 280 fps. I did drop 2.04 ft lbs of kinetic energy by decreasing poundage but still have plenty of K.E. to spare. The kinetic energy calculation is 60.95 ft lbs with the Guardian. Fifty pounds of kinetic energy is what is recommended for large game like elk, moose, and caribou. I can also say that pin gap didn't change out to 60 yards. Am I glad I made the switch...you bet! I alway try to own the best. If a company can't continue to produce the best product then I will jump ship without reservation. I guess that is why I have always driven a Ford.


World Member
Well went from Hoyt to Mathews to Bowtech.

If I had to switch back to a single cam bow......... would go with Ross and a Dual cam bow.................would go with HCA

Doubleaarc hery

New Member
Oh, now this could be an interesting forum!

I think there are a ton of great bows out there. I guess if I weren't shooting PSE, I would probably shoot Browning!

In all seriousness though, good this is going to hurt, I would probably give Hoyt
a try! I have shot a ton of different bows lately, and I think hoyt would be the my next shooter. I just don't like the fact that their axel to axel is long!


Well-Known Member
If I had to give up shooting my hoyt, I would quit hunting!

Of course I'm joking, but I would probably just use a stick or a rock.


New Member
I would change to any bow if I liked it better than my current one. I am not brand loyal, I am just very picky.


PMA Member
I am on my second Hoyt, the new Vectrix, But I shot a Bow Tech and a Parker first tha I really liked. Someone else said it right on, very many good bows out there.


PMA Member
I'm not a very bow-savy person. I had an old (early 1990's) double cam browning for the past 10 years, and was looking to upgrade this year. I liked the BROWNING Illusion, but couldn't justify the $$$ for it or the Mirage. SO I was looking at getting the cam-n-ahalf Myst...BUT was given a new ROSS CR334 at the end of June.

So I'd have to say the Browning Myst, since it would be the closest thing to what I had been shooting before the Ross...I like the Guardian and want to shoot the X-force, but those aren't bows I could afford to own.


Active Member
I'm sure plenty companies make bows with longer draw lengths. I shoot a switchback LD right now and it is a perfect fit. I would be willing to try and shoot any other brand given the same draw length. In hindsight, the only reason I bought the LD is because they promoted the longer draw. I suppose if another company did the same thing, I would have given them a try too.


Well-Known Member
Don't lie Lance. I had to pry my Mathews out of your hands last time you shot it.

[/ QUOTE ]

That's because the thing vibrated so much it embedded itself in my palm!


I shoot a Parker cause it was all I could afford... but have shot mathews and hoyts - not partial to any but love my parker.

If I had to switch, I'd love to get a custom recurve!

And, normally I'd say Ford... but my F150 is in getting about $800 worth of work on it as I speak, so I'd switch to anything that ran.
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