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Trail cam longevity


PMA Member
Out of curiosity, how many years do you guys get out of your trail cams? In other words what is the life expectancy?
I have a group of cheap coverts that are going downhill fast at about the 5-7 yr mark. They're starting to fail to take pictures, fail to fire up right away and malfunctioning quite frequently. Honestly over the years a good portion of my cams get stolen so I don't get real great experience on how long they can last.

I figure 5 years is pretty good for a piece of electronic equipment that is in the elements for 9 months out of the year, but I'm curious if higher dollar cameras run longer?

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If I get 5 years out of a cam, I’m happy. Most of mine are purchased around $100, so can’t comment on the high end stuff.

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Wi transplant

PMA Member
Was getting about 5 out of my moultries. But my reconyx is 6 or 7 still going great ! Tried bushnells usually 2 to 3 no more.

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Have some coverts still going after 6yrs but most dropping fast to. Browning's been good for me n if they fail they have a 3yr warranty


PMA Member
2 to 5 years, brands don't seem to matter to me. I have both good and bad of every brand I have had. I am more of the opinion that a given batch or "run" is either better or worse and the next model year the "same" cam can be a lemon OR a good one. I suspect this has to do with how they are built and sourced in China...it is common for the same brand to be made in different places year by year...or at least it used to be. I am now several years removed from the "business", but that's how it was.


PMA Member
The only cams I have that are still working are two Bushnell's, one is 8 years old and they other is 1o years old. Not the best night pics but vids work better for that. I have had them not react a few times when I approached to change the card out though, not sure why. Other than that I certainly can't complain. I'd love to get my home brew cam working gain, great pics from the Sony P41.
I had a few Primos that probably went 6 years. Couple more on year 2 now. Tried cheap Tascos, 2 of 3 made it to year 3 this year. Looking for other options as well.
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