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New Member
I didn't know where to post this but I hope it's okay to have here. I am getting into trapping. I'm wondering what baits, setups, and traps you guys have had the best luck with. Hope you can help!


PMA Member
I would check out trapperman sort threw the crap and you can learn alot. But as for baits and traps were are you gonna be trapping. Private Land or road ditch? Are the dogs nearby? Are you only after coon or mink or rats?


New Member
What you planning on trapping? For coon, I like to catch a bunch of bullheads in the summer time then cut them roughly a quarter of a inch thick and use foot traps on drown sets in front of a hole you with the fish back in there.
Honestly I think the most you will learn is if you go to the annual trapping convention. I believe this year it is going to be in Britt IA (north central part of state). Its well worth the drive. Sit in on some of the seminars as those older guys really know their stuff. This takes place Sept 6&7th.
good luck!:way:


I agree with TD. Check out IA trapper talk. I'm new to trapping as well and have learned alot from the guys on there. Just ask them a question and you'll get a straight, honest answer.
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