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Trenton Takes Down Curly!(Story Added)


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***Story written by Trenton, spell checked and edited by his Dad.

Last Year on September 24, I shot a 135 inch buck with my muzzleloader. We thought it was a good shot but we could not find the buck in the thick cover. A few months later we found out that another hunter had found the buck. Luckily he was nice enough to return it to me since we had the video to prove that I had shot it.

For the 2011 Youth Deer Season my Dad told me that I could hunt with my bow if I could draw enough weight and could shoot good enough. I practiced all summer and was finally drawing enough weight. I was shooting groups the size of baseballs at 15 yards! I decided I would carry my muzzleloader and my bow during youth season.

On opening day we were planning to go to the food plot we made during the summer but my dad’s friend called us and offered for us to come out to his farm to hunt. At the last minute we changed our plans and headed to his farm. He told us how to get to get to the blind over the phone.

When we were driving in we saw a 130 inch buck run across the neighbor’s field. We prayed before we left the truck and again in the blind. It was an hour into the hunt when I looked to my right there were three nice bucks walking towards us. I told my Dad and I started getting the gun ready. One buck was an upper 150’s 8 point, another one was lower 150’s 10 point, and the last one was one was in the 140’s . The bucks seemed nervous about the blind and turned around to walk away. I put the gun up on the window of the blind. I was going to shoot the smaller buck but right before I did my dad said to wait for the big buck to take a step. When the buck stepped to the side he gave me a shot at 50 yards. Right when I shot all I could see was smoke. They all ran together but then I saw a buck stop then it fell. I was really excited and wanted to go right to the buck but my Dad made me reload the muzzleloader first.

When we got up to the buck he looked a lot bigger than I thought he was. After we got up to him my eyes where really itchy. Then when we walked to the truck I was not breathing so well but after I was in the air conditioning I felt better. I have really bad rag weed allergies and we think that is why I was feeling so bad.

My Dad and I tried to load the buck but we couldn’t get it in the truck. We had to get help. While we drove home I called a whole bunch of people to tell them about my buck. When we got home people started coming over to see the buck. We have not scored him but he has a 23.5” spread. My Dad’s friend knew the buck and had named him Curly. He has trail cam pictures from last year and sheds from years before.

I called my Dad’s friend and thanked him for letting me hunt his farm and shoot this awesome buck.

I worked hard this summer and earned money to buy a bow tag. I will shoot anything for my first deer with a bow. I’m excited about bow season and feeling blessed for the buck I just shot.

**(Back to Dad) Trenton made me very proud on the way home from the hunt. He told me that he felt so blessed by the harvest of this buck that he had decided that he wanted to give his money that he had saved for his bow tag to a teenage boy who told us last week that he didn't have enought money to buy a bow tag. I have since convinced him to buy his bow tag since the teenager's dad has the money to buy him the tag. Trenton then made me laugh when he told his Grandmother that all that he was going to ask for at Christmas was a credit card so that he could have enough money to mount his buck.:D

Unfortunately, we were not able to get this hunt on video. The camera started saying "Condensation Detected" when we were doing the initial interview and shut down. It all went down so fast that I couldn't even attempt to get the camera on the deer. I got some of Trenton's reaction (just as emotional as always) and some of the recovery before the camera shut down for good. Amazingly it seems fine now.:confused:
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Trenton the Timber Toad slayer. That thing is spectacular.

Congrats Tenton, way to go Dad!

Hope the rest of the story entails trail cam photos and sheds.
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