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Trespasser's are back


Last year I posted about some trespassers and how to handle it. Well, this year there are some back......not sure if they are the same. Last years pics were pretty vague. This year however is a different story. I've got one person of the group of what I believe to be 3 guys in daylight looking right at the camera, I do not know him.

I went out today 1-sunset for my first hunt and didn't see even one deer....I thought this was very odd for the farm and stand I was in so I decided to pull all my camera cards even the interior woods cams......well, so happens one of the guys was out for a morning hunt, leaving just when I got in. After examining all pics on this interior camera, I found that 2-3 different guys have hunted this stand 4 different times since opener. I found bow hangers, utility hangers, and a small camera mount in the tree (all in my possession now).

My question to you all is......is this the kind of place to post a picture of the one guy to out him in front of his peers? I know that I will be contacting the DNR but I kind of want to show his picture to everyone who will look at it in hopes that he won't take advantage of some other out of the area property owner. I am a resident, its just that the ground I own is approx. 1-1.5hrs away from my home so I don't hunt it super often or exclusively....in fact I really didn't have many hitlisters on this farm which is why I chose to give it a go today....saving other farms for later.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on this as I definitely don't want to do something against he wishes of the site moderators.

Thanks in advance....RC


It is going to be a good fall!
They may know you are living a long way from the farm. I can speak from experience, my neighbor knows I live in MN, but we caught him twice on my land.

Once with camera, second time friend watching over it.


Active Member
Tough deal. I'd post the picture. Obviously they are not concerned with that part. I'd stop and talk to all the neighbors with pictures in hand asking if anyone knows them.


New Member
Do you own the land? Lease the land?
I see a lot of posts where someone is complaining about trespassers and they are guest on someone else's land. A lot of times theere are gray areas on who gives out permission, parents, kids, tenants, spouse, etcc


Active Member
I hate trespassers!!!

Especially the grown men who do it. Young kids all make mistakes.....I hope they get caught and learn from it. But you really have to wonder what the hell a grown man is thinking as he trespasses on someone else's land! I have been very fortunate to not have any issues yet on my place, but I feel for the guys that do. It has to be really frustrating!!!


Staff member
If u live in portions of the state with limited or little timber- the trespassing seems to be completely horrid. It was like that in a spot I hunted west of Des Moines an hour. I'm talking like a dozen different guys trespassing. It was the only timber around pretty much.
Ya- we get in my area too though too but no question- cameras everywhere help and their pic is going up here to help identify if it ever happens on me. U r doing right thing. To others complaining bout trespassing- Dont complain if u aren't willing to do the work with hidden cams and putting in time & effort to pinch em & stop the problem. It sucks but we have solutions now.


My dad is the owner of the tract, he did not give permission. The stand is placed interior, 300'-400' +- in from the south edge of timber so its not like they can claim lack of property line knowledge.

Here's the pic's......hope this ruins their day like it's ruined mine in the past. One question I have is.....does anyone know what the guy is carrying in the last pic? I have multiple pics of the different guys carrying the same thing. This and the fact that they are hunting consecutive days is the reason I believe they are hunting together.






Active Member
I got some pics of a trespasser on a friends' land I was hunting and had trail cameras on.
The trespasser was a neighbor to the landowner, and he stole one of my cameras, but...another trail camera caught a picture of him carrying the stolen camera.
Word of mouth spread around the neighborhood about him stealing my camera.
The thief didn't like the bad publicity
I ended up with two flat tires from a nail strip the thief placed on a trail into the land.
He ended up with two black eyes from the land owner.
Fair enough I guess...
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