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Trial alfalfa


Active Member
Disked up a1/3a and broadcast alfalfa, then drug with a chain link fence. We'll see what if anything comes of it.
I was just kind of farting around today. I had an old double gang disk I wanted to try, and I wanted to see how long it took me, and how bad it would be, to drive my tractor to another farm.
Everything went well all in all. Not going to win any races but took me about 30 minutes to drive, rather than trailer to our other farm. Not sure what I will do next time tho.


Active Member
You're right! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I need to do those kind of things more often.
I did get to try out my bxpanded piranha toothbar as well. I had a bunch of sheared off stumps from some previous dozer work and used the bar to dig them up. It did a pretty good job.


Staff member
Great!! Post up on results. Probably be just fine. Experiments or trying this & that is great- learning never ends. Bet u have good lil plot.
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