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Updates on this site, 2023, suggestions needed & changes…


Staff member
“State of the site address”….
-Looked at analytics & we are up on posting, views, threads, members, etc about 30-40% in 2 years.
-amount of guys viewing threads & maybe not posting is STAGGERING!!!!!! Tons of views - if they all posted - site would be flooded. Which is good & bad. I encourage more guys lurking to post.
-YouTube channel have some new updates soon. “Great quality videos” edited right. Premo info & like always - zero motives behind it other than helping folks out. Lot of cool things coming there!!!!!!!!
-I suspect or wonder if the new traffic here is due to more social media pulling folks here & folks sick of social media? Maybe hearing about IW other ways. It’s growing a lot though whatever it may be.
-Nextbuk is still working on some updates. Any quirks need resolution??? 1) we just upped how big of photos u can post. 2) we are still improving design & lay out. 3) probably change how threads are organized so little easier.
Any issues or suggestions big or small?
-Donald Trump had officially endorsed IW. If u happen to be a Desantis fan- well, we got him too. Met with Biden but he just drooled & his assistant needed to change his diaper so we did miss that one. :(.
-new hats be on gear site soon. Got them & just a matter of setting it up. Probably do sweatshirts & winter caps, etc too if folks want em.

That’s about it!!! Good things and good things ahead!!! That’s your 2023 IW in review!

REMINDER!!!! TICK TOCK- get your PMA bucks posted!!!!! Feb 1 deadline & great fun prizes. All for fun.

Best wishes to everyone in 2023!!!



Well-Known Member
One problem I have been having is with my phone when I try to reply to someone's message so it quotes their message, it won't let me type below the quote box. It's like it hit enter 20 times after the quote. Always used to work fine. Seems to be a fairly recent problem. Not sure if it's just me or others having the same problem .


Staff member
One thing that I love about IW, is that the people on here seem to be legitimately decent folks. I’m a part of a trapping forum, and things there seem to devolve into a pissing match a lot. That doesn’t seem to happen here and I really appreciate that.
We are a “D-bag free zone” at IW. ;). We all like a healthy debate but I agree - the total bafoons are not here. By design. Will always stay that way. When I see what folks post on fakebook or IG…. Geesh!!!! Crazy. Agree- I’m very appreciative of the quality of folks here!!!!


Active Member
It’s been a wonderful site over the years. I remember signing up in like 01 possibly? You had just the photo of the deer and had to click under the photo to enter. It’s always been the most knowledgeable site by far. I don’t do social media much anymore (only to connect my family with what my daughter has been up to) because social media is an absolute joke. Most people want to argue that the grass is green. Just silly. I ask more and more questions and try to toss out any knowledge that I might have (which is none compared to a lot of you). I never had anyone teach me about hunting, I’ve just been a leech on this site mainly and it’s been great.


PMA Member
I just logged on the other day for the first time in years. Took a while to figure out how to get my new password as my email is also an old one I don't use anymore. I was happy to see all my old posts and everything still available to look at.


PMA Member
-new hats be on gear site soon. Got them & just a matter of setting it up. Probably do sweatshirts & winter caps, etc too if folks want em.
Sounds great. Love the camo hats, will there be more color options for T-shirts? I like the shed head shirt but not a fan of black T's.

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