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Velvet damage


New Member
Just wonder what you guys think. It looks like his g2 is either broken or bent over. Any ideas if this is going to fall off?
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Decap Nation
Post a full size picture if you can its hard to see it good in my phone. My guess that's how it grew for what ever reason or was injured. Cool antler characteristic by the way.


Land of the Whitetail
I would imagine it will break off eventually, if not in velvet then once he starts rubbing or sparring.


PMA Member
I would imagine it will break off eventually, if not in velvet then once he starts rubbing or sparring.

Agreed. I used to get a little excited when we would get a picture of a buck with a feature like that at this time of the year. After probably 6-10 of them over the years and none that I can recall lasting past early October...I no longer get excited. :D:D It seems that once they start rubbing that they torque them off pretty quick. Sorry to throw a bummer out there...hopefully your guy keeps his wacky rack. :D
I've had a few of those the past couple of years, but not sure I got pics of the bucks after they shed velvet to confirm if the tine stayed on. I did find a cool shed a couple years ago that had a crooked tine. Started going up like normal, turned 90 degrees for a 1/2", then 90 degrees back up. Found a shed this past spring that resembled it quite a bit, except no crooked tine, so if it was him, I'm guessing he damaged it the previous year. Unfortunately, I may have found the buck laying dead about 30 yards from the shed antler from this spring.


Well-Known Member
It could potentially stay, the girlfriend has a 150" on the wall with the same type of tine
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