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Velvet reports



I've been seeing some bucks with velvet on lately,nothing big yet. they were up to a fork allready,but that was 10 days ago.!!

what's everybody else seeing? their has to be some pretty nice racks starting to come on.!!???

How BIG are you seeing??
I'm bored--- need some posts to read!!!

check the wind!

150 Class

I saw 2 bucks on Tuesday morning before work in the field behind my back yard. Wanted to try and get pics but didn't have the time to try and sneak close enough for a decent pic. Anyhow, I did get out the binocs and one of them was sporting a very healthy set of antlers, especially considering that he still has about 2 months of antler growing yet! He looked to be a 10 pointer with width past the ears and the G2s and G3s already over 7" long.


PMA Member
Went out last night and saw just one buck. He was just past the fork in the brow tine, but looks to have long brow tines. I would've expected a little more growth by this time.


New Member
I saw an 8 just before the 4th. It was bedded in tall grass and night. 16-17 inside spread with exceptionally long G2's for early July. Jusy a few monents ago I located a really nice 10. I went and got the video camera and returned to find him gone. He was worth filming. 18-20 inside. He's a shooter in almost anyones book and will only get bigger! On public land. I think I should hunt this deer. To nice for the guns slingers that hunt the place. Right Maggs!


PMA Member
I saw a dandy about June 15th. With G-2's around 8-10" then and a spread out beyond his ears already, I think he will be real monster this Fall. The left G-2 was forked and both sides of the fork were 4-6" above the fork yet. His G-1's were no slouch either, right about 6-8".

Best part is that he is within a few miles of home! I can easily say this is the biggest buck I have seen that early in June. Hopefully I can come across him again in a few months.


New Member
Yor're too late Scout! I've already got permission to put a bow stand on the adjoining property! How's that for hunting in your own back yard? You just keep scouting for me and I'll let you mount this one too! Hopefully next time you'll get some video. That's all I need this early in the summer. It seems deer hunting is all I can think about already. Hurry up Oct. 1st. Maggs


New Member
Just give me the vacation days I need for my bear hunt and I'll go "tie'em-up" for ya!
I might have to try some public land this season.

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Old Buck

Life Member
Have been watching a number of bucks about once a week for a month or so. I'm seeing quite a range of development from deer to deer. Some have limited G-2 development and just starting the G-3. Others have alot of tine development. The hot weather is keeping them under cover until rather late.


Would agree with Old Buck on the antler development...


Caught these animals out in the open tonight, always fun to see.
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