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Veterans Day Same Tree Back to Back


PMA Member
I shot a buck here last year on Veterans Day but it took a few months to finish the story after things went bad.
I hunted this tree a couple times already and seen deer but it requires a SW,W,NW wind. It’s super thick with only two shooting widows and visibility is very limited.
The tree only requires two sticks and the stand is 10-11 feet high and the shot in front is 8 yards max. The shot to the south is 20 yards but would only be good if a deer got by the first shooting lane as they would be quartering away.
Around sunrise a small buck was chasing a doe to the north but they turned around and went the way they came.
Half hour later a doe came running down the tunnel ridge lined with brush and cedar trees then the buck. He looked good and a decision had to be made in seconds. I drew the bow and when he was just about to get in the lane I hollered Hey and he locked up at 6 yards. The arrow hit money and I heard him crash out of eye site!
I was texting a buddy that tagged a couple days earlier and he offered to come and help on the carting out. While texting this youngster was doing his thing on the scrape.
This is the IW that I used on the reshaping thread and after I tune it up it’ll be ready for next year.
I wish I had a do over but it happened fast!
Still very happy on a successful season and a clean kill!
The last few years hunting the way I do has been getting harder but after I heard him crash a good series of the teeth chattering shakes and fist pumping I should be good for a few more years.

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A clean kill and a big dump of adrenaline sounds like a very successful hunt Ishi. Nice buck and cool story with back-to-back kills from the same tree.


PMA Member
That is why I bowhunt deer. That feeling. Thanks for sharing and congrats on a great shot and really nice buck!


Tough to beat early morning excitement like that. Congrats.

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Active Member
Great buck. I hear ya on the do over, but an archery buck is special. It’s a 30 yard and closer game, very difficult to accomplish as you know.

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