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Video on Making Buck Beds


New Member
I had a buddy that had this guy build a bunch of buck beds on his property so I hired him and we built 25 unbelievable buck beds in a day.

I went to my property today and thought I'd check about 6 of them. I couldn't believe it, they are all getting used and I have to admit I am sold on them. I think they will pay off in 3 years when I have more and more bucks using them.

Here is the video:

He's tweeked them a little since then, made them a little tighter so only bucks would use them and not does.

I like that he's about 1/3 of the price of Tony Lapratt.

PM me if you want any more info.
Take care and keep cool!!!!


Good for you. I made 3 on my property in the spring following his advice but haven't had a chance to check them. Hopefully they are getting used.

I really want to set a trail camera up over one.



Active Member
I've heard of this numerous times and it is indeed hard for me to comprehend living where I do. Hope it works for you.


New Member
Never heard of this until now. I cant imagine being out there in august in the heat we have and making them. Bad enough hanging stands and cutting shooting lanes.
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