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Vision Hunting Blinds?


First I've seen them, looks nice. Archery condominium right there! Did you price any?
The prices don’t seem too bad compared to some of the other manufactured options (Redneck, Muddy, etc.). It looks like you have to supply the wood frame and plywood floor for assembly but I can’t imagine that’s too costly (at least when lumbar prices aren’t sky high due to the Derecho, COVID, wildfires, etc.).
If you click on the link and scroll down, the prices should display.


New Member
I've made several of them with used wood and metal sheeting. Purchased new screws ,sliding windows and insulation. After a year or 2 we added some dark curtains to adjust when needed. For late season or nasty weather it is the best place for us to spend the day. I might even head to one of them when this snow stops to see if I can coax a coyote. As far as cost goes , your $600 socialist check should cover a bunch. ;)
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