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What a joke. Makes me sick!
I think this was all a publicity stunt. Now i suppose he can go on tour.


Just goes to show, money walks and BS talks. That is why OJ, Jacko, and Blake got off, Scott Pederson did not have the cash that's why he is gettin the gas!!!!!!! It is BS, he should have been guilty on all charges, so should the parents that let their kids go out there!!!!!


Life Member
What did our good friend Blake do.....I mean he seemed down to earth when I met him at the classic????


Life Member
the next parent that allows their kid to stay with jerko (and you know there will be kids at his house within weeks, if not days) should also be tried for abuse. and when jerko is found guilty next time, the should all get the chair


Life Member
What did our good friend Blake do.....I mean he seemed down to earth when I met him at the classic????

[/ QUOTE ]

Thanks for the vote of confidence Shredder.


New Member
I think they kept him out of prison because they know what would have happened to him if he had to go.He would have re-united with Bubbles but it wouldn't have been his chimp........


New Member
What about the nut job releasing the doves every time they read the "not guilty" verdict. They are some things that I dont understand.


New Member
We are reminded of the direction that society is going everyday. Even if the weirdo wasn't guilty, he should have been put in jail for being stupid enough to get himself in this situation to begin with.


PMA Member
I think there is a lesson to be learned by this whole thing. If you are rich and you kill someone "O.J. SIMPSON, & Robert Blake. If you are rich and you molest someone "Michael Jackson". You are probably going to walk, BUT, if you are rich and you screw the I.R.S.,"Martha Stewart", you are doing time baby!!! Don't mess with the I.R.S.!!!!!!!!!!


Life Member
It seems the jury has set a standard for perverts and child molestors in this country. It's a travesty to let him get away with what he has done. I agree that the parents of these children should be charged with a crime as well. It seems that pimping your child out to wealthy child molestor is a lucrative business these days. Rest assured that MJ won't escape justice in the end. Unfortunatley he is now free to do it again, and he will.

Our society is fast becoming another Sodom and Gomorra.
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