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want some feedback



Hunterdecoy.webs.com this is something i have been working on. Im just looking for feedback, i believe the price is too high right now but wondering what you guys think of the concept. Ive used it with good luck for tresspassers. My uncle had one up in his timber that was noticable from the road. Had the farmer down the road call him and say there was a tresspasser in his woods and was waiting watching him until he got there. Thanks for any feedback good or bad


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I like the concept and at 40 bucks with free shipping, I don't feel it's too high. Heck, shipping stuff anymore is expensive.


New Member
Great idea!!! A friend of mine thinks he is the neighborhood DNR. I could put a couple up around the neighborhood and watch him go crazy.


Yes I can take orders. Thanks for the comments guys i appreciate it.


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I would love to put a couple of these up on a buddies farm and then be with him when he notices it from the road. I couldnt keep.a.straight face though. I think they will work from a distance.

Team pewp

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I like the idea but I think for the price, hanging a blaze orange vest would be just as effective for what you would be trying to accomplish. If trespassers have binoculars, they can expose that decoy just as easy as an unmanned blaze orange vest. A 3D decoy would really be effective but again, for the price it would likely cost, probably not worth it. I agree with gundog870 that it would be a great tool for a practical joke.

PS. Although I don't see a lot of value in it, that doesn't mean other people wont. If you market those and find the right price point, you will make some $ for sure!
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