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Staff member
Hey all, first off, I’m sorry for confusion & hassle. I’ll make a VERY LONG story SHORT....
While trying to upgrade the site some things happened where the whole site & history was almost lost. Massive amount of recovery & disaster. While we did that it forced a pre-mature launching of new site. We have a lot of work to do & sifting through all that’s needed on new site is just going to take some time
1) post here until we have some updates and things are RIGHT!!!
2) we are gonna get users & info transferred over when new site is ready. So- what u do now won’t be lost and will be seamless
3) still can access what we had created and we’ll migrate it back here for time being. http://New.iowawhitetail.com is the site we had launched with some content on it. This is a link for reference
4) we will make some updates u will see coming up here that will not impact what u r doing now.
5) any login issues HERE - let me know. U can use same old user & password here to login and also re-login to Tapatalk to post pics.

I promise good things are coming and improvements will continue. With far less disruptions & pulling rug from under u. Please chime in. Fire this out. If anyone is having issues- email me: skipsligh at hotmail dot com.

Thank u for all your patience & contributions. Technology is a blessing but comes with some headaches. I’ll take on the headaches so bright things come quickly. & I promise I will not stop until things get better, easier, awesome & we advance. On it. Thanks all! Skip

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PMA Member
I don't envy you dealing with this, but I do appreciate the effort. Losing all the content on this site would be a huge bummer, glad that was avoided.


Well-Known Member
I will admit I was confused at first by this but hopefully you can get it all worked out and make it even better. Thank you for all you do for the site. It’s my daily horn porn site, I don’t know what I would do without it.


Staff member
Use the user name and “old password” again for this site. If u updated a new different password & ur phone saved it- it will be different from this site. So- plug in ur old password that u used here

Tapatalk IW - found under “discussion”. Iowawhitetail- one word.

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I do like the Tapatalk app. Makes it really easy to check all the time and posting pics is a breeze. Is the new site going to have an app like the one now?


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Thank you for keeping this sight running, I'm sure it has been a major headache trying to get the new one up and recover the original. Thanks for your time.


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Thanks Skip!
I did try uploading recent photos on this site but am not able to anymore for some reason? Photos are small enough and I haven't reached my quota so there might be another glitch?


Staff member
Tech nerd stuff put in terms we all understand....

1) We are working to upgrade the forum software to a newly released version that will fix and upgrade a host of issues. Make a million things better - including pictures, Tapatalk, etc.
this will be happening soon & should fix any issues and make all parts of using site easier & attractive.

2) will add on some more things to website that are gonna be sweet. & easy. All the new stuff we wanted will be implemented one by one. So doesn’t mess anything up. It’s a “just wait and see” comment here. But it’s good and coming. & u will like it and won’t cause issues!!!

generic but that’s the update. Good things ahead. & * I think IW found the cure for Covid too. So bonus - we have that solved as well.

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