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Welcome to the QDM forum

Limb Chicken

Welcome to the Quality Deer Management Forum! After discussing at length whether to add this forum. There was an overall feeling that this topic is very important and would be popular enough to justify a new forum on iowawhitetail.com. Hopefully it will be a place to discuss a wide range of topics as well as being a place where like minded individuals can share ideas and techniques. I know very little about this subject and am interested to learn about what has worked for others and what hasn't. Two dedicated members on this site have taken the reigns and started two local chapters of the Quality Deer Management Association so we are happy to announce that Big Timber and Ogz will be moderating this area. Lord knows they need to use those Iowa State diplomas somewhere...

So I hope you all enjoy this forum as much as the others. So I will sign off with a quote from our newest moderator and sales engineer
... Big Timber.

QDMA started down south, and for one good reason. Big deer vanished, and people realized they must do something to bring these animals back. So they started QDMA, Quality Deer Management Association. Their mission was to promote sustainable, high quality white-tailed deer populations, wildlife habitats, and ethical hunting experiences through education, research, and management in partnership with hunters, landowners, natural resource professionals, and the public.

QDMA doesn't just promote big deer. It promotes education. If we want to continue to live in a state where deer hunting is prime, we need to look into QDM.

[/ QUOTE ]


I second the welcome!

This will be a great location for educational discussions on QDM and I really look forward to the learnings.

One thing I want to clarify is our emphasis on Trophy deer. A Trophy deer is not determined by score, it's antler size or other hunters. A trophy deer is determined a trophy by the hunter that is lucky enough to harvest the game animal that meets his or her "trophy" criteria - ultimately making them happy.

With that said QDM can be many things to many individuals as they continue to strive for their next trophy - hopefully this forum will assist you and give the knowledge needed from a QDM perspective for harvesting your next trophy!


PMA Member
Welcome Quality Deer Management Forum. A little tried and true QDM can improve the hunting experience for everyone, not just the select few.


PMA Member
Congrats on the new forum, I cant wait to hear what people have to say! I can't say enough about this site! This new forum will ultimately help to improve an awesome whitetail State, and help many others with their practices.


I am really looking forward to this forum. I may not post many answers but i'll sure try and ask questions.

Big Timber

Welcome to the new forum!
I'm extremely excited about this forum and the potential of QDMA in Iowa. Ogz and I will do our best to keep you updated on the topic and local chapter events and schedules. Anyone interested in being actively involved in one of the new chapters please drop one of us a PM. Ogz will be in control of the Coralville (Eastern chapter) and I will be starting up in Des Moines (Central Chapter).

I want to thank One-Cam and Limb for getting this forum up and running.




Life Member
I want to second Big Timber's post and hope that this new forum provides help to all of you with questions about what you can do to help your deer herd. Getting QDM on the ground in Iowa is VERY exciting. We all know what this state is capable of and with a little work, things will only get better! Thanks guys for the interest and we look forward to getting things going.


I have to say that I'm with muddy on this one. I'm probably not going to answer anything but I will ask a ton of questions. I can only imagine the great advise that will be on here.


I try to talk to anyone who will listen about QDM. I have been active in QDM for sometime now. Not everyone understands or practices QDM but I think if they understood what it stands for and what the benefits are from it they would come on board. Three years ago I would have harvested 125" buck but now I have moved the bar up to a higher level. Now I only harvest 150" 3 1/2 year old deer or older or take a doe ( the meat is better anyway). I know that QDM is not for everybody but it only make since to me. I have alot more fun knowing I let a 140" 2 1/2 year old buck walk and next season he could be 160".


limb chicken- if I can be of any help with this forum please let me know!!
I love to see a hunting site have a positive QDM presentation....Bravo!

I only wish the vast majority of hunters believed in it rather than the minority

Here in WI our local QDM group has about 100 members.... Problem is those 100 hunters are hunting about 3500 acres in our block. Now that would not be as big a problem as one may think if we could get a decent doe kill year to year...
In our area of the state we have like 40 deer per square mile. We have 3500 acres(5 1/2 sq.miles) in our club That is roughly 200-220 deer yet we can barely get a 30 deer doe harvest .... Yet we still have at least a 10 deer buck harvest.

Yet, after 7 or 8 years in the program we have not seen much if any improvement in the quality of buck deer.... I took a 131 incher this last fall and it is the biggest of the club!!!!Though I know down in Iowa it is a passer for most.

The big deer here seem to be pushed away from the core range.... We have too many deer and the mature bucks that seek the solitude of a lower deer density through the late summer and early fall are pushed away from our area and many are taken outside our club because of this.

I study deer too . Maybe not like some of you do. But my experiences have been range needs to be freed up to hold the bigger bucks in and on the QDM club hunting land.

Not really sure how to stimulate a bigger doe harvest. Any ideas????



New Member
Congratulations guys (especially Mark!) on the new forum - I think its a great addition and I hope that the new chapters planned for Des Moines and the Iowa City area get off to a great start. I have been a member of the QDMA for a LONG time (I was the first Iowan to join!) & am now a Life Member. If I can help in any way, please let me know. Also, I would be happy to give presentations to your chapters in the future about the deer management successes (& failures) we have had on properties we hunt in south-central Iowa.



Life Member
Thank you very much Orion. We would love to have your input in the future and we'll definitely be in touch.
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