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What broadheads you use?


Active Member
Curious what everyone uses on this board? I started off using fixed blades years ago - G5 Striker (hated them, blades would easily fall apart when swapping broadheads) and NAP Braxe (cool head actually) and then switched to rage a couple years later. Shot several nice bucks with 2 blade rage heads over the years, now switching back to a fixed blade again. I enjoy the simplicity, no rattles, nothing opening in my quiver etc..

After doing a lot of research, I've settled on the Magnus Black Hornet Ser Razor 4 Blade - 100 gr. I use 50 grain inserts on Easton Axis for about a 510 grain arrow total. Still quick enough out of my Hoyt Helix 65# at 30" DL.

What's your setup gang? :cool:
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I'm shooting a 350 victory tko elite with 100 spitfire 21 grain outsert 4 fletch with a wrap 440 grains never had a issue with 28 inch arrow and 63 lbs out of a bear kuma


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Quality generic G5's for a few years. (Pretty sure they're legit, but I purchase by the dozen from China, unbranded and CHEAP.) Easy to sharpen. Fly straight, even in crosswind. Strong, sturdy blades don't break, but shaft can bend, (just pitch in garbage if bent).

Most fixed blade broad heads I've used in the past were damaged or broken too much to use again after 1 shot.

I'll never use another mechanical broad head. Too many failures. Plus, they're good for 1 shot too.

I've become extremely frugal with my hunting expenditures over the years. Gas and time is about all I spent last hunting season, on myself.


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Staff member
For now... FMJ with 100 grain SEVR. Total weight 497 grains.

Been researching quite a bit and going to do some testing for next year, but I'm headed towards a heavy single bevel head in the neighborhood of 175 grain.


Life Member
Easton Hexx with 50 grains of Brass up front and an Exodus 100 grain Fixed Blade
.001 straightness, Good FOC and super durable - Approximately 450 grains


PMA Member
Been shooting Steel Force for about 15 years, not a fan of mechanicals. I used to shoot Bear 4 blade heads and like them as well.


PMA Member
Bass, basically the same as you. 500 grains with Magnus Black Hornet (with bleeders) out of a 62# bow. Simple, fly with field points and good penetration.


PMA Member
I know it's not the "in" thing to be shooting mechanicals these days, but I see no reason to stray from the grim reaper heads. They fly true even if my form up in the tree isn't perfect or if the bow gets a little out of tune during the season, and the blood trails are spectacular.
I'm sure they won't smash through heavy thick bone like a heavy single beveled fixed head would, but I'm hunting whitetail, not elephant. The most important thing to me is that it hits where it was aimed.
This is the entry side of this doe from last weekend. I know some mech heads may not open on entry but these always have for me.


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hillrunner - which GR head do you use? The 1-3/8" razortip look like a great head.

Do they open in the quiver at all? Curious to hear about the locking mechanism they use.. Hate the collar system on Rage.


PMA Member
hillrunner - which GR head do you use? The 1-3/8" razortip look like a great head.

Do they open in the quiver at all? Curious to hear about the locking mechanism they use.. Hate the collar system on Rage.
The ones I've always used have been a 4 blade 1 3/8 " cut like pictured. There's no issues with them opening in the quiver or any other unintended time. I accidentally ordered some 3 blade 2" cut whitetail specials this year, I hope I don't regret that.


Fixed: I have some G5 Montecs somewhere, but not in my quiver at the moment. Muzzy MX3 and Wasp Bullets in the quiver, along with....
Mech: Wasp Jakhammer and Rocket Hammerheads.
Not picky or have a preference on which one I grab out of the quiver, probably be a Hammerhead.


Active Member
2 blade rage hypodermic 100gr for me. Haven’t shot many deer with them so can’t say that I’m totally sold on them yet but so far so good.
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