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What season are you going?



Second. The only place to hunt around Waterloo is near the rivers and they are flooded. Should be interesting.


New Member
Hi Guys,
I will take off the 20th and hunt thru the 28th. If I don't get one then, I will probably go up the next weekend.
I got a new thunderstick mag longbow, and yesterday I shot my 2016's and 2018's with a few different broadheads. I have a simmons treeshark 190 grain 2" wide on the 2018 and the 150 grain magnus 1-1/2 wide on the 2016's. They both fly great.
The turkey I shot last year was with the magnus broadhead.
Good luck,


I'll be hunting second and fourth season this year. I hope the weather straightens up and stops raining so much


PMA Member
1st and 4th for me. Only a couple of days now. Was out for awhile this morning and WOW! Wished my opening could have been today, as I think I could've been taking photos by 7 AM. Hopefully the weather is decent come Monday thru Thursday. Good Hunting all!


New Member
I will be hunting 2nd and 4th. I can't wait, I will pattern my shotgun tomorrow and do a little scouting.


Weather sounds pretty good for the Opener, atleast to the West. Not to hot either, makes climbing those Loess Hills a little easier

Good Luck to All!

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