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Whats the Biggest????


New Member
Buck you ever got trail cam pics of... I run several cameras, and its like friggen christmass everytime I get to check them...but Im amazed that after taking 10,000-15,000 pics a year, never any goliath monster walked by... I have pics of some 200+ nontyps, and a few 170-190 typicals, but nothing like those saskatchewan beasties theat guys like Kaare shoot... Im always checking in anticipation of that one pic of that 230 incher, or a 200 typical...and it never happens.... I have 3 to check tommorow, so maybe that will be the day!!!!(but probably not) /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif


Active Member
I'd be shocked if the biggest buck I got on cam last yr grossed 180 inches. This yr...not too sure but I'm thinking I'd be shocked if the biggest buck on camera grossed over 185 inches. Like you I keep waiitng for the day that I stick a memory card in the computer and completely fill my longjohns when I see something that blows my mind.

Like ...........the trail cam pic musthunt (am i right???) got last yr of the 230"er...the freak that was in NAW..the freak he stuck an arrow in or the 200" plus buck tip-up got pics of, and stuck an aorrow in, man alive..one day.

Doubleaarc hery

New Member
WHAAAAAAAA!!!!! I feel bad for the Canada guys!! LOL /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

I think I have a picture of one who goes about 155!!! So i guess a picture of a 180 would have me out of work and divorced!! I'd go from trapper Andy to Hobo Andy!!(and yes for those who know me personally, the beard and hair did get bad this year)

But I guess if it is Canada, Iowa, MN, or anywhere else we all have one thing in common; pulling cameras and putting the cards into the computer is like unwrapping presents on Christmas mornign for kids!!!!!!!!

P.S. Lets see some of those monsters!! i love to dream!!


New Member
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: THA4</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Please????????
what are the biggest 5 you have on camera???


Not near as big as some of these horn junkies on here!!

224non-(dead by another hunter, but atleast I got all his sheds)
199non-(dead by me :))
187typ- (dead by a road warrior :()
186typ- (dead by me /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif (not fair though, its the same deer as the 199 non-typ ;))
180(ish)Typ-(he's only 4, Kaare seen pics of him, he lives for next year...hopefully in a 10 months time Ill have a harvest pic to post)
165-typ ( hes a 3 year old...at 2 he was 135...I have BIG plans for him in 2 or 3 years.LOL)

Big Shooter

New Member
I found a shed this past spring that went about 80 " ,so I put a cam out and got a couple pics of him and pulled it . In mid Oct. I put the cam back out and got another pic of him. Then in Nov. I put the cam back out and got the cam stolen. I have his smaller side so I think last year he was 180 and I think this year he is a little smaller. Never seen him in person yet. Hopefully late muzzle season if they ever take the corn out.
Saskbowhunter.. Man I feel your pain. All of them pictures and not a single big buck in the lot..
Make you a deal on a trade a hunt.. One week here, and one week there. I can honestly say I have at least a couple 160's that frequent my haunts. Around here they are considered monsters.
Maybe I could help you cull a runt or two out of your herd. /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif


PMA Member
after running cams for about 6 years I doubt I have a single picture of a booner. Heck I only have a handful of 150s. I definately live on the wrong side of this state. lol, or maybey in the wrong country!


IowaWhitetail Addict
Ha.... 180+ I DREAM OF IT! My area does have a few large bucks. I cant hold a candle to most on this site. Here are my two.

176and some change. Killed by the other hunter on this a farm I hunt 7 days after this pic. I have 2 matched sets of this buck and I never saw him. He was killed on one of the trails I picked up his last shed.


163and some change. Killed a mile east of where this pic was taken by another hunter.



PMA Member
i dont know how to get pics on this page but i put one on trail cam pics it sayes 2006 trail cam pics



PMA Member


Life Member
Was here wearing a monocle? Sorry, had to comment. I feel your pain losing a giant like that. Did you find any of his previous sheds?


The left one does look like its flippin you off. that thing is a toad.


PMA Member
my buddy had one shed from the year before and the matched set fro 2 yrs before. the left side the year before was 95 inches.
his left eye never glares in any of the pics i have.the picture isnt that claer i had to brighten it to see him better

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