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what's the most accurate slugs for savage 220 slug gun


I'm looking for the most accurate slugs for a savage 220 bolt action slug gun. If worse comes to worse I want to be able to make shots at 200 yard. What's the best on the market for deer hunting


PMA Member
There can be great variability in accuracy from gun to gun even within the same make/model. Your best bet is to buy a few different brands and give them a try from a bench rest and see what brand your gun likes. In general I think the solid copper slugs seem to be consistent performers in 12 gauge guns. The only 20 I've worked with is a Rem 870 and it too liked Remington copper solid sabots. Good luck with your search.


Staff member
From my experience.... 220, Remington's and Benellis all shoot Winchester gold partitions amazingly well. Agree with above too. Test em out.
The one slug I had 2 guns not shoot well was- hornady sabots. Horrible groups in those guns.


Well-Known Member
Federal Trophy Copper or Remington Accutip. I prefer the Federal. I sell a lot of 220s and every single gun has been a shooter. Mine would cloverleaf at 100.


It is going to be a good fall!
I used to use Hornady with my Savage, but I had an occasional flyer that was way off, might have cost me a big buck. Since then I have switched to Rem accutip.


Staff member
Oh ya- bro has 220 and he shoots those accutips. 20 gauge. I just realized he don't shoot gold partitions and he does shoot baseball or smaller type stuff.


Aim small miss small.
I dont have a 220, but i have dialed in two Savage 220's for friends. One shot the Hornaday SST very well, and the other shot the Remington Accutip. Both better than I have seen out of any other slug gun. Your gun may not like either of them. Ill agree, to say that it may take some range time on your end
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