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Which Tom Do I Shoot?


How many have had the situation where two Toms come in and you aren't quite sure which one to "let have it"? I usually take the better shot, as in closer and it usually just feels right.

I use to shoot to far out and risk a bad shot, now I let the Toms get extremely close. I just like to watch them and of coarse take there photo's so I am not near as aggressive during the season as I use to be.

Terrible photo...but you can make out a pair of nice Toms coming in.

Your heart pounding yet? Mine is.Photo by me.

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I'm with you, take the best shot opportunity or let them go if you don't get the one you want. Just like deer hunting. I also agree with close shots. The only long shots I have taken have produced marginal results. I'm not to comfortable with the interest in getting us to buy stuff that makes us think we can consistantly make shots out to 50-60 yards. Turkey hunting should be a close up and personal for the best enjoyment. Spitting and drumming should be loud and clear. Have Fun!
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