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Wide 8pt gun 2

Wi transplant

PMA Member
After a successful hunt with my stepson and watching the weather turn cold with snow I decided to hunt gun 2. Instead of late muzzleloader. (Ended up being a great decision!) I connected on the buck I was after all fall! He had a large home range all neighbors had pics of him! I only got eyes on him once during bow season . I let the "north 40" on my farm completely alone for 3.5 weeks going into dec with hopes the lack of pressure and my food would draw him in!! Worked perfectly!! Ended up getting perfect wind and making my move ! First night in seen a bunch of deer and couple great bucks for next yr!! And at 425pm this guy stepped out to eat!! 140 yrds and the 450 made quick work of him!! What a season!!! We got both of our target bucks we were after!!! (See booner 11 post) our farm is only 80 acres ! Its all about how you lay out your farm and how you hunt it!!!! Build it right and they will come!!!!! 8 pts 23 1/8 inside spread !! Will send teeth in for aging!

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Super Moderator
Congrats on a great buck! Sounds like you have that 80 acres dialed in!!! Always awesome to see things come together in a management plan.

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