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Wingbone Calls


PMA Member
I remember a post from one of our own (can't remember who tho)last year about making wingbone calls. Send them the pair of wings and they would keep one for themselves and send the other back. Anybody remember who??? I have the wings off todays bird in the freezer and would like a wingbone call.. but too busy (also known as lack of patience) to do so myself....
Thanks for the help...



PMA Member
Thanks JNR.... I was thinking it DLO but wasn't sure.... and u2 dblmain... CTSS..(check the stickys stupid)
I'll shoot DLO a PM and if he doesn't have time I'll check into the other...

Thanks fella's


New Member
Guys, I'm not taking wings this year. I had a hell of a time last year trying to get calls made along with all the other stuff I had going on. Ask Kat and Cloaca, they recieved their calls about 5 days before they needed them... the next season! I'm in the process of getting ready to start mass production of my slate calls too, so the wingbone calls would take a backseat anyway. If you guys are interested in a custom slate call, send me a PM.

Teeroy is the guy you want to talk with about wingbones. He'll make you a call for the other wing in payment.


New Member
You guys may want to take a stab at making your own wingbone calls. If you can boil water and run a Dremel tool, you can make a good-sounding wingbone call in an hour or two's time. Amazingly easy.
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