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Winke-Brandstad Interview


Active Member
Winkes weekly video shows the Governors hunt and his reply to what agenda will be targeted for next year. I'm pretty sure it's going to make most residents toss their cookies after hearing it.

Top priorities for the governor:

Keeping in mind crop damage and vehicle damage caused by deer and managing the resource with that as a priority........

Increasing NR tags because of the overall positive economic impact of NR hunters and NR landowners on Iowa's economy.....

I don't envy your situation because there is no good answer. If you get pissed and vote him out there is a high probability the grass isn't greener with a democrat. Who's going to run against him a beat him as a republican? There's a fox in the hen house, but killing the fox might just let in the wolf!
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PMA Member
I'm not sure that's what I took away from the interview. It did not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling but he even said areas need to be build back up due to losses from disease. I wish he would have acknowledged over harvest but he didn't.
BTW I thought Winke did a fair job. He was not a brown noser but he was respectful. He had a pained look on his face a couple times.


Ok if areas need to be built back up from losses and disease then maybe they should go a period of time without hunting.

Just like when they drain a lake to restock it and rid the nuisance species. They will stop any fishing on that such lake for 4-5 years to let the fresh stocking of fish to grow and produce.

Im all about keeping the population level.


New Member
Hunting isn't where the money is to a politician.I think we are screwed because money is everything to a politician that's why this country is in as good a condition as or deer and I personally think both sides of the isle are equally criminal!


Well-Known Member
I think Bill did a good job and I appreciated the respectful honesty from both Bill and the governor. I do wish that the interview would have been conducted before getting in the blind, though. It was cut too short and there was never an opportunity for Bill to discuss his last point on NR land ownership or for Terry to give anything but generic answers. Bill was doing a great job speaking up for the resident hunters and the state of the industry, so to speak. Expanded thoughts and knee-jerk reactions from Terry would have happened if given more time and I was hoping to hear them.


Miles Coffin
Watching it now, sounds like the Gov is up to speed on the numbers situation and EHD, etc. Maybe next year that Governer's hunt should be done on public land. Didn't help he seen like 30 deer pile into the field.


Bill's face to some of Branstad's responses were priceless. Haha.. I do agree at least Branstad is acknowledging the disease loss. However he needs to look at the other problems too.
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It is going to be a good fall!
Watching it now, sounds like the Gov is up to speed on the numbers situation and EHD, etc. Maybe next year that Governer's hunt should be done on public land. Didn't help he seen like 30 deer pile into the field.

Yeah i thought the same thing. Looks like a game farm in the background


Well-Known Member
Better have Fletch give him a call he's not quite as strong on the negative NR talking points.


PMA Member
I believe Bill carries himself very well through it. I wish they would've gotten more time on film but I'm also sure Bill discussed some issues with him. If the governor feels crop damage is a big issue maybe look more towards them turkeys!! I feel they are a major cause to the damages these days. Look at pheasant populations in the state, what has the government done about that? Not a thing, same limit, same amount of season. That's where are deer are really gonna end up at the rate were going.
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Land of the Whitetail
That was interesting, Bill did a great job on bringing up the issues we are facing. It seemed like the governor was aware of the population drop/EHD impact, but he just replies that he has to keep motorists and farmers safe too, it will be interesting to see what he does. The part that worried me the most was how Branstad seemed to hint at increasing NR tags, Bill did a good job of bringing up the issues that that would bring to the common IA hunter. I hope they spent more time discussing the issues than what was shown in the show.


PMA Member
It was a pretty good interview and I agree with most everyone that Bill did a great job, and his reactions were priceless. I'm sure the Gov. has a good idea what is happening to the herd, but for every Governor hunt he hunts on very well managed land, during the late season and sees deer after deer pile into fields. I hope he truly understands that this is not the norm and that due to it being late season the population is very dense in areas around food.

MN Hunter

Active Member
I am not a resident and I hope they do not increase the number of NR tags. Even though Iowa's deer population is down, just like the rest country. They still have a good thing going. An increase in NR tags would make things worse in many areas. Hopefully they keep it the way it is.


Well-Known Member
My two biggest concerns/disappointments in the interview were:

1) TB threw the DNR under the bus regarding doe tag quotas. Most of us know that TB reduced most, if not all, the recent suggested reductions by the DNR to county doe tag quotas. That was disappointing to see. Tell me you screwed up, I don't care. It's better than shifting the blame to someone else.

2) TB seems to hint that he sees an increase in NR tag quotas as a source of income to make up for lower tag revenues. That is a concern and a short-sighted action with very long-term consequences (look east at IL).

Outdoor Fanatics

PMA Member
I also believe Bill did a good job with the interview and I believe by the sounds of it the Gov is looking to decrease doe tags yet again this year. The reason I believe that is because of how he said several years back we had to increase the number of doe tags to keep everybody happy but now it has gotten low because of disease and drought we are going to have to readjust the population yet again. I also think he wants to increase NR tags but not until the population increases because of how much it would stimulate the economy. Which would be good if he can actually hold off until then. I also just want to touch on the point about the pheasant population, even if we were to lower the limit or shorten the season all that's going to do is increase the number of older roosters, it wouldn't do a thing about how many young birds we have going into the next season, that's just been bad luck between bad winters, wet springs, and loss of habitat over the last 6 or 7 years.


PMA Member
Some body correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think the Gov. has the power to increase NR tags on his own. I believe that has to come from the legislature. Right now I'm not seeing that as a big threat.


Well-Known Member
I would tend to agree, although I would have never thought the executive branch/governor would ever overrule the DNR related to doe tag quotas either but it sounds like that happened. The FB lobby has tons of power in this state and if the farm economy becomes more challenging in the next few years, I wouldn't rule out anything FB pushes legislatively to get every bushel from every tillable acre.
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