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Wooltimate, Berber, or Similar

Hey guys, wondering if any of you are using the Wooltimate or Berber fleece from Cabela's or something similar like the Scheel's brand wool clothing. Likes/dislikes? What temps would you use it? Etc. Thanks!


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Neither. Sitka. I have the Fanatic package. Really quiet, durable,
and warm. Expensive, yes. You’ll save over the long haul.
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Have wooltimate jacket and really like it. Have the Berber vest and bibs and like those as well.


PMA Member
Have the Scheels Bib and Jacket set. Got them on sale for 75 a piece a few years ago. That's all I wear late season on the ground and it does its job. Plenty warm and cuts the wind. In a tree I will wear it also until it is brutal and I need a HBS to make the long sits comfortable.
Temperature wise on the ground it's what I've worn on the coldest hunts of the year. -digits temperature and pry -teens or worse wind chill. Single digits or lower all day sits its pry not enough but anything else it's what I rock.
Should add I got these pry 5 years ago so not sure on the current models. But for the last 5 years they've been great. It was someone from this site that told me about the sale and I ended up snagging my wife a pair and talked a brother into a set wish I would've bought an extra set
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Another vote for Sitka. Got the bibs and just layer instead of the coat. Wish I had got it sooner. You really can't walk more than 100 yards with them on without overheating, they're that good.


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Ya I'll go sitka to cost alot but worth imo. I don't recommend walking along ways in it 200 yards max. Buy once cry once

Thinkin Rut

PMA Member
I have Wooltimate...I have Sitka. I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep over not having or not wanting to throw money at Sitka. I tend to go to the Wooltimates in colder weather for a little more room for layering and go to the more more fitted Sitka during bow season. Wooltimates would do just fine if it matched the weather.


PMA Member
I have a Cabela's wooltimate pull over, I bought it on clearance for around $60 years ago. I'd wear it down to as far as 20's or 30's; if you layer well you can wear it down colder. The wind shear is pretty decent at cutting wind and seeing that it's a percentage wool it's naturally anti bacterial so it won't hold odors. The Scheels stuff looks like it's made at the same factory, so I assume it's good too.

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I really like the Cabelas MT-50 Parka and pants. A little bulky, but I bowhunt only and it works fine. I also have the Sitka Fanatic jacket and bibs..They are great but I think the MT-50 is better in really cold temps.

Gamekeeper 69

New Member
I have the Cabelas wooltimate vest, jacket and pants. It’s been good stuff. It really seems to block the wind good. You can usually catch in on sale a couple of times a year.


I wear First Lite furnace base layers(bottoms next to skin, some type of light baselayer underneath furnace top). If you sweat easily, wear a synthetic top under furnace. Next layer is fanatic hoody (could substitute First Lite origin jacket) nice to have built in face mask and hood that doesn't get in your way. Then celsius midi pants and celsius jacket over your harness. Outer layer is either stratus set down to 30 degrees and Fanatic set in temperatures below that. Now that First lite has windproofing, you could substitute solitude for stratus and sanctuary for fanatic. Most difficult problem for me is that I either sweat too much on way in, or I freeze and have to put clothes on in the stand, often with deer in the area. I think an e-bike is going to solve this "problem" for me next year.


Land of the Whitetail
Anyone tried the arctic shield insulator suit? I heard they are on sale at scheels and thinking i might pick one up after work today. I love the artic shield boot blankets so hoping their suit is good too. I've wanted to get an IWOM for years, but never have. With the coming temps i really want to get something other than just layering up. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.
Anyone tried the arctic shield insulator suit? I heard they are on sale at scheels and thinking i might pick one up after work today. I love the artic shield boot blankets so hoping their suit is good too. I've wanted to get an IWOM for years, but never have. With the coming temps i really want to get something other than just layering up. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.
I haven’t but a friend has and likes it. Says it works


Land of the Whitetail
I've meant to get an IWOM suit for a while now, just have never got around to it. I would get an IWOM over a heater body suit simply for the fact that the heater body suit has no arm holes or sleeves.

I ended up grabbing the Arctic Shield Body Insulator Suit Thursday evening. Here is my review.

It was on sale at Scheels for $199. Hunted with it on Saturday and Sunday, perfect weather to test it out.

The suit comes with a carrying strap. It roles up nicely and you buckle it into the strap and then just sling it over your shoulder to walk in&out. Works well and feels lightweight slung over the shoulder.

The suit has three zippers. A main zipper down the front all the way to near the foot of the left leg and one on each side for your arms. Have these unzipped already when you pack it in to help reduce noise/movement and save on time once at the tree. These zippers have a pull tab on both the inside and outside.

Once at the tree you unroll it. Slip your feet/legs in and pull it up. On the inside of it there are shoulder straps that you slip your arms through. There are no sleeves on it, once you have your legs in and the shoulder straps on you can zip it up. There are two internal zippers for your arms to stick out.

It has a hole in the upper back between your shoulders for your safety harness strap. Then climb up the tree. Once you get your bow pulled up etc you simple slip your arms back inside the suit and zip the arm holes up. There is a hood on the suit as well that is removeable if you want. Over the zippers there is a cover with magnets to help hold the fabric over the zipper so not heat esapes along the zipper lines.

If a deer is coming and you want to be ready for a shot you can do one of two things. From the inside you can unzip the arm holes and stick your arms out to grab your weapon, shoot, etc. Or you can unzip the main zipper from the front on the inside and bring both your arms out and let the suit slip back behind you since you have the internal shoulder straps on. It works really slick, Sunday I actually had a nice buck come in and I was able to unzip the main zipper from the inside and simply let the suit fall back behind me while I stood and grabbed my bow, worked flawlessly.

Climbing is a little but more cumbersome obviously with the suit on, but I was even saddle hunting both days and was able to wear my saddle over the suit, hang and climb with my sticks, and hunt off the small saddle platform with it comfortably enough. If hunting out of a preset stand/sticks I would think it would be a breeze.

Now, as for keeping warm, it was great. So much better than bundling up in a bunch of layers and still getting chilly like what I am use to. Usually I am good with my layering system down to the upper 30's, but with the forecasted lows to be in the teens and highs in the 20's I thought I would give this a shot. Even Saturday with the wind the suit did very well. All I wore under it was my cold gear socks, regular lace up danner pronghorn boots, under armour base layers and then my regular under armour hunting pants, a fleece(or something vest), a scheels hoody and a neck gator that pulls up over my head. I was warm and comfortable the entire time. I could feel the warmth very well. At times I did feel a little bit of chill on my arms, but nothign to complain about at all, just being nit picky there. With temps in the 20s and wind I will say I was more comfortable than I am in the low to mid 40's.

For the price point of $199 this was a great buy and I am vey happy with it. Nearly half the price of a heater body suit or IWOM. I would strongly encourage you to give this a try.

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