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Worse? This or the missing backstrap buck?


Staff member
That savage vid with buck missing back strap is more graphic & nasty. This isn’t the shock effect of that BUT.... dunno which I’d rather have to deal with on the way out... this dude been coming to cut corn & beds right next to it. Plan to hunt him by someone is immediate. Put the dude out
Could be hoof rot. Could be split hoof from ehd. Both leading to infection & death. Could also be a massive foot injury. I’m guessing the problem been there a while since impacted his rack. Days are very numbered. Second he’s in range someone will get him. Hate seeing this.

Wi transplant

PMA Member
Looks like his femur is busted is that it trying to poke out the top???? Not good any way you look at it . Won't last the winter

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New Member
His femur isn't broken. The bump sticking out on his back is the wing of his pelvis, more than likely. The bulk of his problem will be comming from the infected/broken joint above his foot effectively making him 3-legged. Since it is his back leg, running, jumping, etc is going to be very difficult.
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