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WTB Tree Stands

I'd like to buy 2 or 3 stands if anyone has any they don't use anymore let me know what you want for them. Ladders, hang ons, climbers, whatever. Just shoot me a PM. Went to the place I hunt today and both of my stands are gone. 1 of them is taken down and is behind the landowners garage, but as far as I know the other one is long gone. Have yet to speak with the landowner, but talked to a neighbor a bit and he made it sound like stolen treestands isn't a big deal around there (which pisses me off). Anyways, just let me know what you got. Thanks


death from above
give me a call and Ill give you a couple. I have a ladder stand that you can have that is almost new, and I will give you a couple hang on stands as well. I know the feeling of having stuff taken, last year I lost a trail cam and a hang on, and (pissed) is definately the word. I have plenty so dont worry about it, just glad to help out a fellow hunter!

cell 319-283-0016


PMA Member
Sorry to hear you stands got taken. i hate thieves. I have a hang on stand (not sure the brand but in good shape) and two climbing sticks that i would sell for $40 obo. email me and i will get some pictures taken to see if you want them.

[email protected]
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