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Iowawhitetail forums

Iowawhitetail.com - Iowa's information resource for whitetail deer.

Latest threads

Coyotes and Bobcats

Do you guys notice that coyotes and bobcats affect the deer movement? I’m assuming they do, my cams have gone silent except for coyotes and I think just one bobcat. I have 2 nice brassica plots that are deerless, not sure what to make of it. I hunt 200 acres of crp river bottom bordering 30 acres of timber, so I know there are deer around.

DeerCast vs HuntWise

Was curious if anyone has experiences with these apps? What’s your take on them? Waste of money?

I unfortunately don’t get to spend a ton of time in stand and was curious if anyone finds these apps helpful or just a gimmick. I spend more time in my mobile office than I do the stand so looking to take the most advantage of my time regarding windage, weather, and deer info/predictions. I’ve always hunted without but have a week off in two days and then another two weeks off in three weeks. Will spend as much time as possible in stand but curious anyone’s takes on these.

A Giant Goes Down…..

My Brother just smoked a GIANT!!! I mean INCREDIBLE. I’m so proud of him. His close friend video’d the hunt for fun - can post that later. Perfect hunt filmed purely for memory. Got him. I promise you - this is a very big deer. Heads up …. I’ll post it HERE soon. At least pics …. Soon…..

CVA Wolf - almost new

I bought this gun 3 weeks ago, shot it 3-4 times to sight it in. And then found and bought a new muzzy that I can convert to a smokeless. So I no longer need this muzzy.

Will come with:
-2 boxes of Barnes 290gr TMZ bullets/sabots
-9 rounds of Barnes 300gr Expanders
-Roughly 15 rounds Hornady Monoflex250gr
-Random assortment of primers
-Weaver Scope base
-has a new ram rod with a spin jag for increased accuracy.

*scope and rings not included

Asking $250, local pickup close to Ames. My cell is 319-243-8139. Feel free to reach out.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

which pruning saw?

Bent my Gerber pruning saw last week putting up some stands and clearing shooting lanes, so i thought I'd get another saw. I forgot how easy it was to use a pruning saw to clear lanes as opposed to dragging a chainsaw around.
What are folks using? Silky gomboy 240, corona 10" with sk5 steel are the 2 I'm looking at. Any recommendations?

What broadheads you use?

Curious what everyone uses on this board? I started off using fixed blades years ago - G5 Striker (hated them, blades would easily fall apart when swapping broadheads) and NAP Braxe (cool head actually) and then switched to rage a couple years later. Shot several nice bucks with 2 blade rage heads over the years, now switching back to a fixed blade again. I enjoy the simplicity, no rattles, nothing opening in my quiver etc..

After doing a lot of research, I've settled on the Magnus Black Hornet Ser Razor 4 Blade - 100 gr. I use 50 grain inserts on Easton Axis for about a 510 grain arrow total. Still quick enough out of my Hoyt Helix 65# at 30" DL.

What's your setup gang? :cool:

Amish deer slayers

We picked up another lease only to learn the neighbors are Amish. Very friendly people but the drive deer all of shotgun 1 and 2. Last season they killed thirteen deer. One buck was shot 8 times before they got him. However, this is a great big buck area in S. Iowa and this lease has much potential.

What would you do?

1. Hunt smart and let them run the deer to our "safe zone?"

2. Pick up sticks and find another lease?

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