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Watch this intro video by Iowa Whitetail owner, Skip Sligh, as he describes the purpose of our site and what you can expect to learn.

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How I Got My

2022 Iowa Buck

Quick story & video of the 6.5-7.5 year old bow buck from this past season. Long history with him. 1 of 2 I would have shot.

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Here's the Story of

A 241" Buck Named Angry

One in a million...the chances we have another deer like this on our place. Here's my bro's story.

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About Iowa Whitetail

Welcome to Iowa Whitetail. My name is Skip Sligh. Iowa Whitetail is here to give you the best information on anything that has to do with mature whitetails.

This is Iowa whitetail hunting information you’re not going to find anywhere else. I’ve been hunting, growing mature whitetails, and improving farms for about 30 years, so I've made a lot of mistakes along the way. There are also a lot of things I've done that have worked really well. Iowa Whitetail is unique because of the DECADES of experience you can access from its members. These guys have a lot of trial and error experience that they’re willing to share, completely free! We're not out to promote anything. We're not out to sell anything, and this isn't about making money. That differentiates us from any other source of deer hunting information!

On this website, you can learn just about anything you want relating to hunting deer or farming your land. From habitat improvement to soil sampling to buying or improving a farm to hunting tactics on mature whitetails, the folks on here have done this! We know what works. Here on our website, check out our forum and blog. You can also visit us on social media and our YouTube channel. Our goal is purely to help other people and be the best deer hunting information on earth, with the best motives behind it. Thank you for visiting!

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