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450 Bushmaster Bullets

New to the straight wall game. What's everyone running for 450 bullets? I picked up some Barnes at Scheels because I've always had great luck with their performance in muzzy bullets and shotgun sabots. Well on the little guys deer it was a pine hole in, hit alot of bone, and was like the tip of my pinky going out. I've seen some holes that you could put a golf ball through. Curious what everyone is running.
Thanks in advance

Youth success

Nice oak flat transition kill last week. 23 minute hunt. 450 Bushmaster put the hammer down.20220922_185313.jpg

Cheaper Cams to Replace Moultries

Wondering what cams are out there that are "relatively cheap" that I could pick up that can replace my Moultries. I actually like my cams. They work, take decent pics, have been fairly reliable and have lasted 3+ years. Problem I have run into is that Microsoft changed something where Moultrie pics are shrunk down where I can only see about 2/3 of each pic. This is a known thing (found multiple threads on the internet about it). Fix is to use different view programs,ect where it becomes a huge PITA.
Most of my cams are old enough I can easily justify making the switch. I usually run around 6-8 cams on my place and really don't want to drop too much $ on each.

Any suggestions? Would like something in the range of $70-&80, reliable and take decent pics.

Thanks guys.

How long will DCO acorns last?

How long with DCO acorn last in the fridge with sprout started already? Assuming a while as long as they don’t dry out.

NEW Weatherby Element 12 gauge

Weatherby Element 12 gauge semiauto shotgun 28” upland. https://weatherby.com/store/element-upland/ New in box, 3 choke tubes. This was a BHA prize and has the Backcounty Hunters and Anglers decal embossed on the receiver. $650 OBO. Newton/Des Moines.

Woodbury County

ZERO doe tags this year. Any bets when it will be buck only for 1st season? We are soon to be in the red like the rest rest of NW Iowa.

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BearCreek wrote on SB3's profile.

I found a post in which you shared a picture of a clover plot, I believe May of 2020, it was from an area you cleared of pines and there was a dog in the picture (Lab I believe.) I was wondering what variety of clover was in that plot, seemed to be very upright and large leafed.
BARON SEAL wrote on IowaBowHunter1983's profile.
Hey! did you build the gravity wagon deer blind? if so could you give me some dimensions of it, please?
blakesburg wrote on Darrin's profile.
If you still have Mossberg for sale I will come get it this weekend. If not before. Thinking of getting my 13 year old a Shotgun instead of having him shoot my muzzleloader

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