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Iowawhitetail forums

Iowawhitetail.com - Iowa's information resource for whitetail deer.

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HSB 157 Using dogs while fur harvesting

Link to the bill: HSB 157

This bill requires fur harvesters using dogs to get prior permission from the land owner for their dogs to be on the private property.

Introduced today and assigned to a subcommittee.

Representative Tom Jeneary, House District 5, parts of Plymouth and Woodbury counties. Legislative web page: State Representative (iowa.gov) Email: Tom.Jeneary@legis.iowa.gov

Representative Thomas D. Gerhold, House District 75, Benton and parts of Iowa counties. Legislative web site: State Representative (iowa.gov) Email: Thomas.Gerhold@legis.iowa.gov

Representative Chris Hall, House District 13, parts of Woodbury county. Legislative web page: State Representative (iowa.gov) Email: chris.hall@legis.iowa.gov

HSB 158 Crossbows in late archery season

Link to the bill: Crossbow

This bill would allow the use of a crossbow in the late split of the archery season. Currently the crossbow is allowed as an alternate method of take under a late muzzle loader tag. The change would be that a crossbow could be used with an archery tag.

The bill was introduced today and already has a subcommittee assigned.

Representative David E. Maxwell, House District 76, Poweshiek and parts of Iowa counties. Legislative web page: State Representative (iowa.gov) Email: dave.maxwell@legis.iowa.gov

Representative Timi Brown-Powers, House District 61, parts of Blackhawk county. Legislative web site: State Representative (iowa.gov) Email: Timi.Brown-Powers@legis.iowa.gov

Representative Brent Siegrist, House District 16, parts of Potawatomi county. Legislative web site: State Representative (iowa.gov) Email: Brent.Siegrist@legis.iowa.gov

Bucks fighting, why the Increase?

Our Illinois farm has become quite the gladiator arena and I am hoping to get some thoughts on why. It has gotten so bad in the last few years that many of our good bucks end up busted up by the rut!

I know fighting is part of the game, but I am talking really aggressive fighting from October all the way up til now, every time we hunt. Also these are not just horn tickle fights, these are often times those fights where you are hoping both deer come out alive. I have never seen this amount of fighting activity nor for the extended periods of the year.

historically our farm has not been like this, I can remember 10 years ago you would rarely see or hear bucks getting after it, now it is commonplace.

Our heard is healthy, buck to doe ratio is high 4:1 likely. We have food galore, 200acres of tillable on our farm and surrounded by 1000s. Never see unhealthy deer and our stress on our deer from hunting is also low.

Any thoughts why we are seeing this?

% dropped antlers? Part of state, deer #’s & food?

Think it varies by region a lot. & if u do or do not have food, etc. No doubt they dropping early where ive got cameras up. I’ll still wait long time to shed hunt but folks can chime in here over time on the progress. Generics of what area & any details like “no food left” or “high or low deer numbers, etc.....

I’m south of Des Moines. Plenty food. Medium deer #’s. As of TODAY, I’m guessing 45% have dropped. Other areas I know of some friends - super high % but lacking food.

Cabin osb coverings

Just wondering what others have done to cover their cabin with osb interior. My wife wants to paint, I am trying to think of alternatives. We painted the bathroom, while it looks better than unpainted, it still doesn't trip my trigger.
What have you done? Pics please.

Looking for small tract of land.

Looking in Van Buren,Davis,Lee County only.Small farm house that's not livable or tract under 5 acres to build a cabin on.Got CASH in hand to make a reasonable offer,Thanks.

Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk


Looking for a small tract of land to build cabin on.Old farm house that's not livable OK.Van Buren,Davis,Lee County only.Got CASH in hand for a reasonable offer.Thanks.

Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk

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