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Iowawhitetail forums

Iowawhitetail.com - Iowa's information resource for whitetail deer.

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Big Game Hero Contest!

You all know I’ve helped lots of individuals hunt all over the country and would appreciate a vote! I’d love to go on another hunt for myself next year since my Greenland Musk Ox hunt was cancelled as the outfitter went belly up. I’m constantly helping others get into the sport of hunting and figuring logistics on out of state hunts for fun. A vote would allow me to continue to do that and have a little bit of fun myself!

Thank you everyone!

AR pistol season AKA late muzzy

The new orange army . 20 days of 350 legend AR pistols the snows deep and they are grouped up big time . Anyone got a group going ? I know a few locals who love it . Even the non res guys are doing it now . Coincidently lines up with coyote hound truck radio hunting season . How’s this keep
Slipping through the cracks ?

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When will the Bowmars get what they deserve?

Will they get away with this act as well? For those of you that don’t know what’s wrong with this I will attach another screenshot straight out of the Iowa hunting regulations. If this doesn’t piss you off enough then I don’t know what will. I get some of you don’t think CWD is a big thing but it is when the DNR begins their management strategies. Wipe the deer out like Wisconsin.


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Two fer


Last year, had a hanging stand 25ft up in a big burr oak. Positioned between 2 foodplots surrounded by bedding, it overlooks a mock scrape to the west and a pinch point we call the “minipond crossing” to the south. Last year, I missed a chance at a Droptine bruiser b/c the stand was positioned so that I had to stand up and shoot to my weak side when he spooked. This year, B/f season, I repositioned the stand for better shot and cut a bigger shooting lane.

Nov 24 showed a SW wind shifting to NNW after lunch— the perfect wind for this stand. Entry into this stand is a bit tricky, and I bumped 2 deer coming in. Got set up by 2:00. At 4:00, saw 2 doe and what looked like a smaller buck cut down a draw 80 yrds away and into a foodplot out of sight.

Half hour later, heard deer approaching from my right coming out of the foodplot. 2 doe crossed on the minipond crossing. Expecting to see a smaller buck, I wasn’t prepared to put eyes on a big buck with massive neck. Then I recognized the antlers as our #1 target this year. Quick draw, grunt and pass-through shot at 38yrds. He ran off and I heard a crash.

Despite all the commotion, the does had not spooked. I reached down and pulled another arrow from my quiver that was setting beneath my seat. They sauntered by the mock scrape to my left, and I shot the larger doe at 18 yrds. She walked 5 steps and stopped. 30 seconds later, she tipped over. Have never had that happen before.

After field dressing the doe, my dad came in and we started trailing the buck. Blood trail petered out after 30 yrds. Called in Country, a buddy who helped me place the stand the previous year. After not finding any more blood, we walked the edge of the foodplot, shining a bright coo n light into the timber. Spotted him about 15yrds into the woods. He had traveled about 90 yrds after impact.

Blessed to have dad and Country be a part of the largest buck I’ve taken on our new farm.



Photo creds to Country


Caught on camera seconds before the shot.


First time we got him on camera during the season.


I think this is his shed from last year.

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Mrs. Edwards strikes twice.









She had one heck of a first season on the new Iowa dirt. The 10 with the tiny drop was on 10/30 and her second buck was 11/16. Somehow that dude packed 17 scorable points into that stocky compact frame. She hunts her tail off & I couldn’t be more proud.

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Shotgun hunting/ hunter harassment question.

Hey there, new here. I have a question for you guys, or opinions. First of all I'm from North east Iowa. Very passionate hunter. My problem is kind of a long story but I'll try to make it short. We have 160 acre farm that I would say is prime whitetail hunting habitat but we have made it that way over the years with alot of time. Spend a lot of money on planting a couple thousand trees and food plots over the years and have around 90 acres of crp the rest are tress and food plots. My problem is this.. during second season shotgun, I sit all day. Every year another neighboring group surrounds our property and shoot into it and walk around it to get the deer pushed out while I'm on our property hunting. The part I'm curious on is there is nothing to hunt around our property. Bare fields on 3 side, on the forth side there is a dry run creek with some grass about 200 yards,Screenshot_20211128-203704_Maps.jpg so they are basically hunting our land without actually being on it. I've talked to the DNR and they just replied the we need to get along. Well the past 2 years they have messed up my hunt by walking around our property in the field. Now isn't this some kind of hunter harassment or something. The dnr even said they know they are just walking around ours to get the deer out but they say there is nothing they can do. Sorry for the long post but I'm looking for opinions. Thanks

Black Friday Buck

Been a slow season until this guy walked by!
Around Thanksgiving is getting to be my favorite time to hunt!

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