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Iowawhitetail forums

Iowawhitetail.com - Iowa's information resource for whitetail deer.

Latest threads

Squeaky Stand

Hey guys! I have a hang on stand mounted with two ratchet straps that has a squeak when the platform flexes as I shift weight on it. I've narrowed it down to the bottom strap squeaking. I'm thinking either where the hook hooks the stand (rubber coated hook into hole in angle iron) or where the strap first meets the bark of the tree near the hook. I'm thinking about spraying some silicone on each part separately to see if that helps to narrow it down further, but haven't had it with me when I'm at the stand. Just wondering if anyone has a good way to stop the squeak if it is one of those points.

Entrances to treestands & blinds….

Went over a farm with a good friend of mine. He had some spots on food plots & in timber he was having trouble with…. One spot on food - when he got out…. Blew everything on plot. Had to go. Had to get changed.
The timber spots- he walked by & into bedding to get to them. On rare am hunt in rut it was fine but needed work there too.

Posted this to help some folks who might be newer to hunting or still have some spots that are a tough to access. Few things that pop off my head…
-enter where a crest of a hill just gets u up to see a plot & full visibility if possible. Sneaking back down at dark where you go back down the hill out of sight.
-screened so nothing see you come & go.
-if u must booger some deer…. Try & spook the ones close- ideally young deer when old deer gone. I do lil coyote yips & yelps & dash out immediately if I have to clear some. I’ll wait till old deer are gone before doing this. Avoid that spot for a while.
-bust a plot over & over & it’s cooked- dunzo. If it goes bad- give it a break. Do not train the deer where there’s a plot there’s a hunter!

-in AM, avoid walking by food. Find the low spot for access so very little can see you.
-spots where timber is near road is nice to cut in a couple hundred yards in am.
-PM…. Fields where deer can’t see you coming (maybe CRP or a hillside to enter or a brush row)….. just into timber. Avoid big timber where every deer can watch you come in.
-river, creek or drainage/ditch access or boat/water access with quick turn to your stand is awesome.
-quiet & carefully (lightly IMO) trimmed access trails to stands are very handy.
-walking through pasture to get to a stand is awesome IMO.

-wind in face or wind NOT blowing into bedding is very important.
-enter & exit where little to no deer spooked is optimal BUT we clearly need some spots that are our “money rut spots” - hunt them very limited.
-IMHO…. I’d have 3-4 spots for every wind direction. So if it blows “south” for 4 days- u can hunt different spot for 4 straight days. Different farms & spots to rotate & minimize pressure is critical.
-hang way before season if able. Minimal scent… get in, get out & tread lightly when it’s time.
-get their plenty early when able.
-keep sweat limited if possible… lots of time & even a bike for example. Dress light & pack clothes in backpack.
-don’t burn ur stands out if it’s poor to mediocre hunting. Have extra spots that are for the times when it’s mediocre out that are not your premium spots.

That’s off my head :).
what’s helpful tips or things you do that help ? Most common mistakes you see or have made?

Tractor Tire Ballast & Flat Prevention

I just bought a newer John Deere 5075E to use on our farm. I have loved it so far but I’ve gotta get some weight added for mowing and working on rougher terrain. I’m new to the tractor ownership world & based on research it appears adding tire ballast is the best way to go. Has anybody found a ballast fluid that also provides flat protection that they’d recommend? My farm is full of locust so preventing flats is also super important to me. Open to any/all suggestions!!

DCO Dwarf Chinkapin Acorns

We are selling Dwarf Chinkapin Acorns again this year.

Pricing for 2021 season will be:
½ pound for $11.50 plus shipping (estimate 90-100 acorns)
1 pound for $23.00 plus shipping (estimate 180-200 acorns)

Please let us know if you would like to order some.

White Water Native Seeds

Bergara B-14 Wilderness Ridge 300 Winchester Magnum

Hey everyone! I’m selling my Bergara B-14 Wildneress Ridge in 300 Winchester Magnum. I’m now sponsored by Savage Arms and can no longer use the rifle to hunt, so, I’m looking to sell it and buy a scope for my new rifle.

What comes with it...
120rd (maybe more, I’ll have to check) of Hornady Precision Hunter ELD-X 200gr in 300 Win Mag.
40rds of “other” 300 Win Mag ammo
Vortex PST Gen 1 6-24x50mm Scope
Vortex Precision Match Rings
Leupold 20MOA Rail
Bipod and carry strap.

$2,000 for entire setup, TSA on the trip home from Alaska messed up the barrel a little bit, but, functionality speaking it’s perfect. Less than 100 rounds through the gun.

% of old bucks that make BC....

Wondering what based on your guys experience over the years would you say the percentage of bucks that you typically have or know of on your farms that are 5 years old plus that end up being at or somewhere close to Boone.
The farm I have in west central IL (good soil, great habitat, food plots year round, river, etc...) that I’m going on our 4th season now has had one buck that I think was close to or at that level that we did not harvest. All four years though we’ve had and killed what I consider to be a fair number of 5+ old bucks. We’ve killed two 7.5yr olds, an 8.5 year old, a 6.5 yr old and two 4.5 year olds (we send all our bucks front teeth in for cementum annuli testing)
The biggest scoring wise was one of the 4.5 yr olds at like 158”
Not sure whether to be a little disappointed overall or not. Obviously we are blessed to be able to hunt old deer and I absolutely love it don’t get me wrong, but when you have land in premier areas of the country you hope to have a Booner roaming your ground occasionally.

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