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    We’re Asking for Prayers and Support

    Prayers sent Ishi!
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    Awesome write up and dandy of a buck. Love those high and tight frames.
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    Highway 2 Monster!

    I saw a Google map of where that was and it was definitely in the middle of a high fence operation
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    Broadhead discussion

    I forgot to add that after my expandable experiment I wanted something that had 3 blades as well and that was the major deciding factor. I wasn't confident in a fixed head that didn't have at least 3 blades. The best results that I have seen from the Exodus was this years buck took a step on the...
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    Broadhead discussion

    I like this thread. The my experiences will the opposite of the first two posts. I was all aboard the big expandable train. I'd read and heard of horror stories but had never experienced them. I liked the big holes Rages made. A handful of years ago I had a Rage blade fail and it caused the...
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    Congrats on a stud and what a story. Did you ever revisit the spine when you got back from Michigan? I'm ready to hear about the broadhead switch up
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    1st Iowa bow tag punched in 27 years

    What a dandy 8. Congrats!
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    Nov 7, Iowa Bow buck

    Congrats on a dandy
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    Old Buck made a mistake…. IL shotgun 2023

    Another one! Congrats on a dandy!
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    Congrats on another dandy!
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    November 13th

    Congrats on a dandy!
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    Open Country Buck

    Congrats on another one Ishi!
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    Great Rifle Opener in MO

    Congrats on some awesome memories
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    11-6-2023 CRP Buck

    2023 hunting season started off with me being wayyyy behind of where I normally am. Lots of kids activities and a baby born in July led me to being behind in scouting, glassing and trail camera manipulation. October came and went with only a few treestand sits and no mature buck sightings...
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    11-06-2023 "Wallstreet"

    Congrats on another hammer!
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