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  • Paul--

    I need to spray for broadleaves in my Brassica plot. I saw that you recommended Stinger by Keystone Pest Solutions. On their website, they have a much cheaper option called ALLIGARE CLOPYRALID 3.. It looks to have the same ingredients. Just wanted to make sure that this would substitute directly for Stinger and wont kill my brassicas. Do you have any experience with it?

    Hey there, you may or may not remember me....I would like to implement your hinging strategies you wrote about in the QDM magazine, any advice on how I can sell this to the land owner, a lawyer that does not hunt?


    Have you ever used these?:
    "Canadian Trapper Peas (12.75) Normally we sellthese for pigeon feed but they will germinate-they just are tested andcertified with germination percent." I have a bag a bag of AWP coming that run $25.00 a bag and these are $12.75 a bag.Hope my second crop of radishes and brassicas liked the rain.
    hey i was wondering if you could pm me your address again. i must have deleted it. thanks, phil
    Clover plot keeps getting flooded in the winter which in turn messes up the Clover, what one crop would you plant yearly ? Thanks M.M.
    hello dbltree...trying to post up a land for sale ad...i show last post was april...has there been a change in policy to posting land ads?
    Hi, this is Randy Platz (Dolph) from Advanced Whitetail Hunting, sorry to bother you, I'm trying to get a hold of Chris Lane. I've tried e-mails and lost his phone number. Do you have either? Thanks

    Thanls for your comments Cary, let us know how the Native seed harvester works out, maybe send a pic sometime.

    You sure are a very knowledgeable person, I enjoy reading your posts and I don't want to horn in on any of your threads. If I ever get to Iowa I would like to see your place it must be what everyone would like to have.
    I bought cave in rock from John Osenbaugh in 2005. I have approx, 70 acres in now and I have been harvesting the seed. This year I am going to get one of the Native Seedster harvestors and try to do it right, there is lots of big bluestem on the roadways so I might try some of that also.
    You are a valued asset of this site and I do believe in what you say.
    Thanks for your additions to this site,
    Cary Pichan
    Shouldn't need to cover any holes and the beet seed should be close to the milo in size. Should be a book or seetings under the clover to know which socket setting to use.
    Truax drill questions.
    I have a truax drill to plant almost everything except corn.
    This year I am planting RR sugar beets & Milo. Have you done either of these?
    Could you give me some guidance on which box & settings to use?
    Do you cover up any holes?
    Any info. would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Tom
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