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    Conservation officers using cell cams

    From what I read it appears that this warden entered the property at will, whenever he was in the area. This is private land. Why would he need to go look at ponds on private property. That is how hunting accidents happen. Can you imagine having an officer who decided to walk thru your Bow only...
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    armadillo in Iowa

    Possum on a half shell!
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    2022-23 Team Contest Sign Up

    5. Put me in.
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    Deer antler chandelier

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    Iowa Poaching Case

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    Real Winner

    Just what you all in Iowa need! NOT!!! https://www.foxnews.com/politics/iowa-senate-dem-make-state-liberal-california
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    Ryder’s First Bird

    Great job Ryder and great job to dad as well. I have been thru that 4 times now with my son and with the bird he killed last month, he was more excited than the first 3 he shot. He was more nervous and even more excited. It is so awesome to see them experience what we all love so much.
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    Form an LLC or not??

    We have multiple LLC's and we do it to keep a layer between us and the property should someone get injured with or without permission. Having a corporate veil between us and the property protects us should someone sue for whatever reason. Yes we have liability insurance but if the property is in...
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    Walker’s 2022 Turkey Season Thread (Updated 5/13)

    That doesn't look like the women you used to have in your profile pic. :eek: :p
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    Need new blind

    Blinds are like trail cameras. The cheaper you go the shorter the life span. I have had new cheap blinds not make it thru one wind storm. The eye loops always just rip out of the blinds and then disaster sets in. Most people buy the best clothes and equipment they can afford, so why go cheap on...
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    2022 Kansas Bow Hunt Giveaway

    Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway promotion. Our winner was drawn yesterday and his name is Mark Evers from Southern Minnesota. Please keep an eye out as we will be continuing to give away some pretty cool stuff.
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    2022 Kansas Bow Hunt Giveaway

    I am not far from a military base and I try to take several soldiers who have been deployed in the past. I have met some great young people from all over the country doing this and they all appreciate the heck out of the opportunity.
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    2022 Kansas Bow Hunt Giveaway

    Today is the deadline. Get registered before Midnight for your chance to win. If you have already entered or do so today, remember you can make a post on whitetail and earn spins on our ticket wheel. Each spin can earn you extra chances in the Kansas Hunt Giveaway. Good luck...
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    2022 Kansas Bow Hunt Giveaway

    ONLY 5 days left to enter. Deadline is this Friday April 15th 2022. Last year we started a new Social Media site called Whitetail.com for the purpose of giving hunters a place to go, where they didn't have to worry about their pictures and posts being censored or...
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    And so it begins......again

    I asked a question on another thread and no one attempted to answer my question. I'll ask again here. What would you rather have, a Non-Resident Landowner getting one buck tag per year or that same Non-Resident landowner leasing his land to an outfitter who can have multiple non-residents hunt...
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