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    Best gloves

    Hey guys looking for a pair of really warm gloves. My dad is going to be 69 always had a problem with cold hands. Loves to deer and pheasant hunt. Deer hunting is not such a big deal. Pheasant hunting is, he needs something thin enough to be able to shoot. I tried finding skinny electric gloves...
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    Hawk blinds

    Anyone used the new radix hardside?
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    Hawk blinds

    Hey guys was thinking of buying a hard sided hawk blind. My question is whether any of you have one? Had any problems with them? Had problems with customer service? I talked to a guy that use to sell muddy blinds this wknd that told me to stay away from that company bc they do not stand behind...
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    Land Value Question

    Do you know who surveyed the property?
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    Lake okoboji fishing ideas???

    Lighted bobber with a leech is always good at night. Usually better beginning of June but always fun. You on east or west? Can usually always catch perch n gills off of docks on west
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    Here's My Solution to the Problems Raccoons Cause

    Seafood cat food n a jar of cherries worked awesome for us. I hope someone tells a definite start date of this in Iowa.
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    Bow blinds

    Hey guys got a Redneck. Awesome blind was hoping not to spend that much. Also have the old maverick blinds. Definitely work but was hoping to upgrade some. I was hoping to get a metal stand n blind for bow hunting out of for like $2500 ish. Let me know what's out there.thanks in advance
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    Various Hunting Blinds for Sale

    I'm interested in knowing more information. Location ? Age of the blinds? Also how are they shooting a bow out of? 712-540-3946
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    I'd be interested in more info on those blinds. Location? How old? How are they for shooting...

    I'd be interested in more info on those blinds. Location? How old? How are they for shooting through windows with a bow?
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    Who do you prefer, DeSantis or Trump?

    I agree totally biggest thing is a fair vote and election. I think Trump would be a great president again if he can stay off Instagram. The biggest problem with Trump is he has pissed off so many people I think he needs to endorse someone and be done. I like DeSantis a lot with the way he has...
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    DNR Meeting Experience - Upcoming Bills!

    Where can we find these legislation meetings?
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    1 Buck state In iowa??

    I'm a land owner as well and could buy 3 tags. I personally usually only buy 2 any sex tags. Most years I don't fill a single buck tag and shoot a doe or 2( to picky). My point being I don't think the amount of buck tags needs to change but if it did would need to be for any season which will...
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    Miscanthus x Gianteus

    If we stay in the drought what's the chances of the rhizomes living? Want to plant some as well but scared with the weather we have been in the past yrs?
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    Hydraulic top link

    I've heard from a guy that moves dirt with his jd 4066r that you are able to put more pressure than the plate that is on the tractor that the top link pin goes through can handle n snap the mount. Just what I've heard
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    Let’s Eat! (The Ishi legacy thread)

    Ishi what store do u live by? I tried looking online and no 40lb bags all were 20lbs and $19.99 a bag. Maybe sale is over?
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