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  • If your still looking for Binoculars I'm on Leupolds pro-staff and get great pricing. I'd go with BX-3 Mojave 10x50. Retail is $500, but I could ship you a brand new set for $320.00

    Normal turn around is 2 weeks.
    im in the beginning stages of it, haven't done any work for anybody. Jus wanting to get alot of practice. But there are some awesome taxidermist around my area. I understand that on keeping it quiet were u hunt. Today i was out looking and saw prolly the biggest deer i've ever saw on hoove. Tallest rack i've ever saw. I'm guessing in the 170s all i know is saturday i'll be knocking on the old ladies door tryin to get permission to hunt this farm. all jokes aside his g2's looked 14 inches tall. But guess we'll have to see if i get permission. If not i been watchin a pretty nice 12. well it;s nice here in western ky but there it would be a lil guy haha. He's high 140's to low 50's.
    Thanks for the congrats. I appreciate it. I'm pretty tight lipped about where I hunt. My grandpa taught me the same about his favorite fishing hole and I've learned the hard way. I will tell you I hunt in Cedar, Lee, Van Buren, and sometimes Page county. It was one of those:) Got it all on video with my bow mount. Truly a very special day. I hunted specifically for that deer for 10 days. Take care and happy hunting! BTW - are you a taxidermist by chance?
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