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1/2 rack question


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Two years ago a 1/2 rack was in an area I hunt. At the time, a 6 or small 8 (if it had it's missing side) Last year I had a group of five bucks pass by in early Oct. One was a large 8, if it had both equal sides. About a 130. Now just this week I saw a XL one sided buck go past my stand when I was driving in an adjoining field. Could it be this is the same deer getting older? I can't be certain if was the same side missing the firs year. Defect, head wound, what are the odds. I don't plan to hunt it this year and passed it up last year. It will be huge next year. On one side! Watch someone will shoot it.
I ll bet it's exactly the same deer!

Last year JD and I were in the hills in August video taping. We caught two bruisers on there way to the alfalfa. One of the bucks we got some close footage and you can clearly see he was a 1/2 a buck last year and the one side was smaller/different. As the season progressed sure as heck JD had him come in underneath him and that defective side was gone. JD let the 150 class, 200lb, 1/2 a buck walk. Later that winter I talked to a land owner and he said he saw the buck several times so he is still out there and we'll see if he is still defective.

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