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19-20 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

I also thought you had to post a story in the harvest forum, but guess not

I plan on it. Been in the field 14 hours a day trying to get the crops in. Hard to find time to post a story, but I do want to share with others

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Saw big G2's coming and reacted in a now or never situation. 138 and change. Team 10.

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Decided to take a day off waiting for a hit lister, went with my buddy to an doe zone for the day , we had a great time and I was really itching to break in the vertix , I'll keep grinding for team 2 and hope to get my score up

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I have one for team 8 to post but, can’t get the pics to load on here it thru Tapatalk. Any thoughts or someone I can send them to and they can post. Gun 1 buck.
Old Post was deleted for some reason, doe for team 5

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