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2013 black bears


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These are both blackies the smaller one that squared at 6 foot was a very rare blonde phase, and the black was squared at 6 foot 10 inches, not my biggest but he looked it.

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After sealing the blonde, a biologist came in and said his 31 years of studying black bears in the interior he has never seen one quite like it, he said there is a few in Canada and the lower 48 but not here, I shot these bears above the artic circle off the haul rd. Under bait, and there are only dates to baiting and cant use wild game meat or fish. I use dog food and powder suger with fake syrup.
I've always wondered about color phases of black bears. I wonder why they only exist in certain areas. We have a good number of all color phases, obviously blonde being least common. I do still see the odd one and get them on my trail cams. Locally cinnamon are a higher number color phase than chocolate.

The largest bear killed here in sk two years ago was a 22 " plus blonde monster.

If I were wealthy, I'd have a full body mount of each color phase one day. Instead I'm still holding out for "the one".

Thanks for sharing, it's time to hang a beaver or two and full a barrel with oats.
I am working on filling out my grand slam of color phase bears. I have two chocolates and a pile of blacks, and this year I am going to a place with a very high percentage of cinnamons. It will be my third try for a cinnamon but I feel like I am going to the right place this time. The blonde bear is going to be a hard one, but I think I can get it within the next couple years. I'm looking at one of the western states for the blonde. Never considered Alaska for a blonde... well, still don't!
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