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2020 Pheasant Season


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How’s everyone’s season going this year. The numbers in our area are way up this year been a blast taking the new pup out and hunting with friends. Here’s a few pics.


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I've killed a couple this year, plenty around. My good pheasant dog died about 15 year ago. I haven't had a lot of interest in it since, it's just not as much fun without the dog. The dogs I've had since have not had the bird instinct or the insane drive for it that she did.
My buddy’s two dogs are amazing. Complete game changers. Hoping the pup catches on while hunting with them.

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I've never pheasant hunted much. I only ever shot a couple. Went out opening day this year in a road ditch that I've noticed some birds near. Got one right off the bat, it was awesome. Flushed several more but missed the rest, i'm rusty. Use to shoot clays a lot back in the day and was a real good shot, haven't done that in probably 10 years now. I've been out 3 times since opening day, one day took dad, first time he's been in years and he use to go a lot. He's rusty too, missed two roosters. Then I went to some public that I know use to hold birds. Flushed several, all but one were way to far ahead. I did hit that one, winged him and didn't find him. Took dad there last weekend, we walked about 50 yards only to look up and see another hunter way up ahead of us so we left.
One of the best Pheasant recipes out there. Add mushrooms to the recipe and season the bisquick and flower to your taste. Off the charts good......


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Went out Sunday and managed one


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2F676A5F-F819-480E-80A2-AF940E70E672.jpegI’ve done a terrible job of taking pictures this year. I remembered a few days ago but forgot yesterday. Few more in the vest with the days winding down. Tons of birds every hunt unfortunately these late season birds are jumpy. Need another snow to finish strong
2 hr hunt for 3 of us today. A few sat tight after we scared a very large group out of the field they were feeding in. Decided to go today vs the last weekend of the year because hunting pressure has increased greatly this year in the area we hunt.

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Sigbot Winterhelt pudelpointer comes to mind. Probably a drat or wire hair.

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Real "Bird Hunting" at about 120 miles an hour.......


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No disrespect but is that a poodle? I see a real bird dog in the back ground.:p:D
Ha! Oh C'mon real bird dog? You were half right he is a golden doodle. He is 4 years old & I get him out 4 to 5 times a year in Iowa. I don't think there's been a hunt I haven't shot my limit with him. He is an ok bird dog & a great house dog with young kids. Hard to argue the results

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Cant argue those facts......just poking fun......aparently someone in ur family knows bird dogs:^)
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