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2022-23 Team Contest Rules


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For the new guys these will be the rules. Gross score counts towards the teams score(measurements must be provided). 5 member teams. If you’ve done the turkey contest it’s ran just like it. Get more people involved ask your friends or other members to sign up. Teams will randomly generated off of the sign up list.


1. Deer(whitetail/mulie/blacktail/coues)must be taken legally and ethically as laws apply in the state your hunting including tags.

2. Antlered deer only (whitetail, mule, blacktail, coues)including antlered doe, if it's tagged with a buck tag, it's in. One doe per person allowed for 25pts towards teams score this 25pts will only count if that person has not killed an antlered animal. If a teammate kills a doe then another member of that team has not harvested an animal the 25pts can be used towards the member with 0 pts.

3. We will be using the Pope &Young Gross/Green scoring system, no deductions. Velvet bucks scored the same. (See percentages below)

Whitetail (as norm):125/125 = score x 1
Columbia blacktail: 125/90 = score x 1.39
Sitka blacktail: 125/75 = score x 1.67
Mule deer: 125/145 = score x 0.86
Coues: 125/70= score x 1.79

4. Open to all members new and old. Please don't sign up and disappear, you'll be replaced. No more than 5 people per team, drawn randomly....alternate's when necessary starting with first come first serve

5. Signup has begun, Deadline to join is Jan 10th, alternatives will be taken as needed to complete teams after that date. Teams will be start being posted by Sept 15th. All members will have until Jan 10th to check in with their team or they will be replaced.

6. You must have a pictured posted on the contest page to enter a deer. The weapon must be in the picture and the entire deer must be in the picture, no skull pictures, no rack pictures...the buck, the weapon and yourself must be in the picture. (With limited participation and a lot of solo hunters this has became lenient)

A) Within this post, the measurements as required by the P&Y scoring sheets shall be listed. Example as follows.

B) Total 131 2/8

Right ----- Left

MB 18 6/8 ----- 17 4/8
G1 4 ----- 3
G2 6 4/8----- 6
G3 6 4/8 ----- 4 6/8
G4 4 4/8 ----- 1
G5 1 -----

H1 5 6/8----- 6 2/8
H2 4 4/8 ----- 4 4/8
H3 4 4/8----- 5 6/8
H4 3 6/8----- 3 2/8

Inside spread 15 4/8

Abnormal points
1. 4

7. Total number of inches of all team member's animals will decide the winner....see rule

8. The entry must be posted within 10 days of taking it OR notification must be made to the team, team captain, participating moderator or admin that an animal is down.

9. No penned shot deer accepted, deer must be a free range wild animal regardless private or public land. Guided hunts acceptable as long as the animals are free range.

10. All disagreements, controversies and conflicts will be decided on by a majority vote from a panel consisting of Team Capt's and moderators participating within the contest. Those decisions will be final.

11. Contest ends roughly around Jan 15th

12. Rules set forth for a smooth contest, the main rule is to have fun and enjoy your fellow teammates and all the smack talk that goes along with this contest.
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