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2022-23 Team Contest Sign Up

It helps to keep copy and pasting the whole list...

1. 203ntyp
2. Deep woods goat hunter
3. Jkratz5
4. Kkoppy
5. Elvis188
6. Cchadww
7. 2.5YR8
8. Hardwood11
9. TheMadCatter
10. Rut Nut
11. Tmayer13
12. Matthewfox_45
13. EatSleepHunt
14. Hair&Scales
15. Showstopper
16. Buckhunter92
17. Hillrunner
18. Ksdeerhunter
19. Sligh1
20. Entropyfx

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I'm in. Think I actually have a deer or two I wanna kill this year.

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30. Count me in. Never have participated in this. So someone is going to have to explain this contest.

There’s a rule thread posted stuck to the top of this forum that lays it out pretty well. If you have more questions feel free to pm me

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