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2022 Land Pride 606NT Drill Forsale $21700

The drill has 12 acres on the meter. It doesn't have the Conservation Seed Box just the large and small seed boxes. I have the land pride spacers so you can plant corn. It has all the seed charts from Skip as well as the ones from Land Pride. I live is Southern Michigan and I have the Hitch that you can tow the machine home . Please call or text with any questions. 734 three three zero six seven five three.

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Nice looking drill. How did it do with planting corn? I recently bought one and they said you cannot plant corn with it. They said it plants beans great but not corn.
The shute plugs gave me the spacing. I did 30 inch rows. It was like a 4 row planter. Not as pretty as a corn planter with row Cleaners but it is a Deer Corn.

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