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260 or 300 easton axis


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So just got a Rx7 ultra set at 75lbs and shooting 30in arrows. I currently have axis 300 spine from my older setup but wanted to order new arrows and wasn't sure if i should go up in spine? I shoot a 75grain brass insert with 100grain broadhead and was going to run a 4 flech aae max stealths.
I would check eastons calculator on their website. I am thinking 250ish.
300 sounds weak for the poundage and weight up front and draw length.
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I have a verryy similar setup. Helix set at 65 lbs, 30" Axis 5mm arrows, 300 spine with 50 grain inserts. Total arrow build = 502 grains.

Sounds like you may be closer to a 260 Axis.
260 no doubt. Seriously doubt it will be too stiff and even if it was I’ve never had a stiff arrow cause me issues.

I once shot 300 spine arrows out of a 51lb bow with a 28” draw. I was using 175 grain German Kinetic heads and they flew like lasers.
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