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30 free Iowawhitetail decals


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I will drop 30 IW decals off at the Outreach Outdoors booth Friday night. 10 to give away for Friday, 10 for Saturday, and 10 for Sunday. If you buy one of the new OO DVDs you get a free IW decal.

Not sure when I'll get there on Friday so you'll have to have a little luck on your side as well.

Not selling them otherwise and it's first come first served the 3 days.

I'll send OneCam a text and see if he can get some more dropped off.
Yes $5. We set the booth up today and are ready for the show to start tomorrow at 3pm.
I like to buy a pile of these and give them away to deer hunting buddies. Get gifts and great videos.

They alway have the best shirt too.
Yeah.... I forgot the decals on my counter so I'll have to do a give away later. Apologies.
We had a few left from last year. There are only 2 or 3 left at this point. Get there early tomorrow!
You couldn't have missed me yesterday. I was wearing neon green and black everything. Got some strange looks haha
Just picked up one thank you!!! Ill be around all day, black under armour shirt, camo under armour hat
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