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5 year old MN buck



Shot this buck on the 7th of November...everyday since Sept. 15 when I got home from hunting I had my son waiting for me on the top step asking if I shot a big buck...when I came home on the 7th and told him, not sure who was more proud...the 3 yr old boy or 32 year old dad...
Awesome buck and awesome story!!!

I got to do the same thing this year with my 3.5yr old son. I was up at the property and phoned my wife to tell her. A few minutes later I was getting texts and calls from her because my son was freaking out wanting to know about daddy's big buck. He had long been asleep by the time I finally got home but the first words out of his mouth when he awoke were 'Where's your big buck daddy?' :)

Congrats again!
Great story for sure! So.... there are deer in Minnesota... weird. :grin:

Way to go! :way:
Awesome pics! Great buck... I have a two and a half year old son also and he is getting on me about shooting a "big buck" too! I can totally relate! Congrats
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