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5 year old MN buck

Nice pics man! I know the feeling...my kids get to the point they quit asking. It's tough when you're waiting for a 5+ year old buck...they don't come easy. Congrats!
Congrats on great pics & super nice buck. Also a big congrats on getting a young son interested in this great sport, that pic is worth a bunch to me. Tks for posting.:way:
Thanks everyone!! Nothing in the world can top having a little hunting and fishing buddy for life...sometimes hunts are sacrificed when an airplane flys over the ground blind and he puts his head out the window of the blind and yells "dad!!! Airplane up there..." but as long as he stays interested I could care less...then there's the fishing trips down the river in a canoe and he keeps casting his pole with a rubber weight at the other end...cast after cast...tree after tree..paddling up stream which seems like forever...he keeps asking if he can put on one of those roopallos(rapala) with big hooks on it...maybe next year...

Good luck to all, looks like the snow is coming...
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