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90:10 Project

Who can we get on here to pull some strings for more 90:10 Project content on YouTube? One year tree planting follow up?? Other project quick vids? The handful that are up are all great. Love seeing how others go about deer projects and if they were success/failures. Skip?
Ha. Ya- that’s my brother. We will do some more. We both wanted to do different things but where it’s fundamentally “helping others” & doing the videos legit & edited. I finally got a guy who helped film & edit. He’s overwhelmed with work so I’m working on getting a few more solutions/guys that can do it. IW or 90:10- both are not about $. Both are for helping others only. & both have more videos coming up. Stuff you won’t find anywhere else. we want to be different & truly give expertise & solutions u will find no where else!! No sponsors, no gimmicks, no corny personality, no egos …. Just hard core info that works & helps dudes that maybe were like us 10-20 years ago.
& btw- I do like having the IW channel because- when I say something - I can be unfiltered. I don’t have to dance around issues so don’t offend someone. Or worry about ticking a sponsor off. Or a viewer that might not like my stance about keeping iowa great or improving their state. What u see is what u get. & it’s TRUTH ;). The same people after a camera turns on/off. Which, isn’t true for a portion of em, I promise u.
We are both on it though. More to come…..
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