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Maybe you guys can help me figure this out.My buddy and I were out deer hunting this afternoon 11/4 he was sitting right above me to camcord the hunt.Well we just got up the tree and were getting organized and a doe came running in. I saw something reddish go running down the hill away from her. I told my buddy that it looked like a fox was chasing her.Then all of the sudden two yerlings came running out from behind some thickets were the reddish thing ran and following them was a fawn it was real small,bright red like the summer coat is and had bright white spots,it looked like it had just been born recently.it ran about 40 yrds away and we never saw it the rest of the night.The doe and the yerlings walked right under the stand but the fawn ran a different direction. I dont know how this could happen, a fawn this late in the year. It just shocked us both to see a fawn in november. There is no way this deer is going to make it through the winter if it even made it through the night because on the out of the stand we heard a pack of coyotes howling and making a racket were the fawn was heading last.We didnt get any of it on video because we were still getting situated.I wish we would've. Man that was different!! I hope the coyotes didnt get it because I want to see it again and get it on video.
I just dont understand how this can happen.It was amazing.WOW!!
Well good luck to all!!!!
Twice I've seen a spotted fawn in November. Once was about five years ago in a snowstorm. The thing looked healthy, but I couldn't imagine how it could make it through the winter. Occasionally a yearling will get bred very late, and gives birth in late summer, early fall. I really doubt if any of them make it through Iowa winters.
Well I saw the fawn again on my to go turkey hunting, it was off the side of the road where I deer hunt.I got it on video this time.It is pretty neat.
I hope to see it make it through the winter, but the way things are going I dont think its going to.Its getting pretty cold out there.
Well good luck to all!!!!
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