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A week on a carcass


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I wired a boned out doe carcass to a tree in january, got some coyotes, coons, skunks and crows the first 2 weeks, then did not check it again untill today. Alot more action now, even though there is nothing on it left to eat.
I don't see owls on it often.

Hopeing to call and kill him this weekend

I don't know how this little guy is still alive

Young bobcats


He came back later and cleaned house on coons




Couple more coyotes


This older pair of bobcats had valentines day on the 13th. She must have been in heat, because he was stalking her around the camera all day.
This same male and female have been here for several years. She had 3 kittens this year and 2 last year, and stays fairly close in the timber by my house. The big male has a much larger range. I get pics of him 3/4ths of a mile away. Their spot patterns make them fairly easy to tell apart from the other cats.

I've never killed a bobcat yet, what would this big old male weigh? He sure looks solid, especially in person. He walked 15 yards infront of my blind in 2011, 3 days after the quota was filled, while I was bowhunting.





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awsome set of pics! saw an infested yote the other day just like that, but didn't have a gun :(. was only 60 yards off of the road also. do they eventually die from mange or do they recover?
You had a better group of pics than I had Joe. I had a few coyotes, eagles, and a lot of crow pics.
They can recover. I got pictures of one that was pretty much hairless all last summer. Slowly he started to grow hair back and look a little better. Great spots on one of those cats. Would make a great mount. If they need more coons to chase, send em my way. Cats are still pretty rare sight around here.
If I had to guess on the bobcat's weight I'd put him 22 or so.
Some of those yotes are very healthy looking as far as size and fur, but that one is one of the ugliest ones I've seen.
Nice pics! If you were truly trying to control your predator population you would let that one live. Not a deer biologist but seriously people come on now. You have a mangy coyote on your ground, that's the best way to control it. Keep him around let it spread. I'm not telling all you monster buck hunters what to do but seriously that thought has never crossed your mind?
Cannot believe all of the critters you have walking around. Those cat pics make me jealous...I would love to call one of those in. Always enjoy your tc pics!
Great pics Joe. You having any luck with the yotes?

No, I am the most worthless coyote killer there is, obviously from looking at the stud coyotes I have here. I finally got the traps out the last week of the season in jan. Nothing, but I will be ready next november. We have only called 4 or 5 days and not for a couple weeks, so Colton and I are gonna try again tomorrow, no school. This time of year should we start with coyote vocals, instead of rabbit distress?

I have thought the same thing about letting the mange spread, but I have seen bobcats and raccoons with it this season, and the mangey coyotes I see have been suffering for a year or more and still around. I think the holes are holding the mange, and all coyotes using them are being exposed to the mites. I just wish I was more skilled at killing coyotes. Even when the neighbors ran beagles for coyotes, killing dozens every year, they did not want to hunt my place, because coyotes would circle the dogs all day in my timber, and never present a shot or chance to gather the dogs up.
Give Randy Anderson a call, pretty sure he doesn't live too far from ya. That guy can really bring em in to a call.
I love the bobcat pics. I border 2 legal counties but not yet legal here where I hunt. I have trapped one down south a few years ago. Would love to target them close to home. We see plenty but not that many In one spot like you got there. Pretty cool.

Also unless I missed something above, I noticed it looks like there is a grinner eating on the carcass in the back ground of one of those daylight bobcat pics. Wonder if cats eat possum??? Any ine else notice that?
Both great looking cats, but the cat with the rosettes is my favorite. Big toms can weigh upwards of high 30's, but it takes an absolute huge bobcat to weigh that. This time of year, their coats are full prime, and "fluffy" so they appear bigger. Time you jerk the hide off of them, not much to them really.
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