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A wonderful night to remember



Tonight my little girl wanted to go and look for some deer with me, can't tell her no. I took her carefully to the place that I have been hunting using some cover scent and sneaking around to look down into the valley bottom hoping to see some does. Well we was sneaking along and there they was so we got within 75 yards of them using a huge oak tree for cover, we watched for while and then they got close enough to us that we couldn't see them because of the taller weeds that we was looking over. Then we decided to head back in our tracks and there back behind us was a buck about 75 yards behind us and to our right. We both got real low and watched him for a while then he walked up to a oak and BOOM there was another buck charged at him from nowhere. We watched with our mouths wide open, then they began to spar and push each other all over that hillside. It didn't seem to be a real violent fight, but was the first time that I have ever saw that, and to have my daughter there with me just soaking all that up was great. The one buck was a very tall 6 point fighting a little fork guy.

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