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Absolute World Class Typical

Can we ask obscure details ie small farm, big farm, taken in the timber, food plot, crp, etc. Nice to at least have a visual of some type to learn from. Again , up to him. Great buck.
How did you know?! I'll give ya a hint... its inside red area ;)

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Ha, yeah yeah... Thats not even North Central to us folks that live up here, jokes on you ;) My company bought one a company in Truro and wanted us to move down there, I keep trying to convince the wife to buy a farm down there (she has bigger deer on the wall than me, so she needs proof as all hers came from NE Iowa).. but she says its just video guys and it wouldnt be the same
It was shot in NR zone 11. I’ll tell u that much.

Just incredible. Not even a “once in lifetime” - so rare most will never even see anything like that. Crazy!! Congrats on a dream buck!!!
Incredible. Truly amazing to know that animals like that are out there walking around. Congratulations to all involved and well done!!
Definitely looks to be from the Northern Southern Eastern Western part of the state.

We've all seen a lot of big deer taken over the years but VERY few have that "Oh my god" WOW factor, but this one certainly does. Great job to the hunter and to the guy that setup the farm for him!
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While I would definitely shoot that (I know, who wouldn’t) I feel for the hunter. If giant bucks have taught us all one thing, it’s that many jealous people will get their lips poked out and start all kind of vicious rumors.

I commented earlier but I’ll say it again, congrats to all involved.
That is amazing!!! Can’t wait to hear the details. Congrats the the hunter and your part (assuming they were a habitat client of yours).

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Buck was officially scored for those that care: 215 gross. 195 5/8 net

#10 typical all time with a bow

#6 all time typical in Iowa- any weapon

Largest typical shot in the state of Iowa in 32 years

Buck will be in our booth at the deer classic. I think we will have the Mel Johnson buck as well. (#1 archery typical of all time)

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