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Act fast!!! 3 FREE Iowa Bowhunters Memberships!! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Snap post!!!!
First 3 people to respond here…. I’ll buy 3 IBA year long memberships. People who have never joined in past. Maybe guys that are recently realizing that IBA is only organization that has held the line for why iowa is great & not ruined like other states!!! Whatever - new members…. I’ll buy your membership!!! It’s cheap & IBA keeps iowa great.
I would ask- if u continue to understand the benefits of IBA - please continue to rejoin. Maybe someday u buy one for someone else. Whatever.
All positive motives here & expanding the main defense this state has!!!
First 3!!! Pass this on to guys you know as well until we have 3. PM me with ur info (name, email & address I’ll take care of it).


Here’s membership link for anyone else as well. So quick & easy.
I took advantage of this a about 5 years ago thanks to Ishi donating and been member ever since. Great organization, great cause, and they are the ones putting up a fight. Join up and hit some of the events
So… we have 3-4 friends that we let hunt our property. I’ve thought about requiring anyone who hunts to become an IBA member.

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Hillrunner joined one of mine!
I still have one membership available even if you live out of state I’ll sign you up
Bowtech21 &
I printed forms & mailed in with one check. Snail mail. U will have confirmation soon. DONE!!!!
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